Professional ear plugs for musicians. Why should you protect your hearing?

We have ear plugs when our partner snores,we have ear plugs to shut out any noise so we can read a book or write an article. However, we don’t think about professional ear plugs for musicians.

Are there any professional ear plugs for musicians, those who need to protect their hearing to be able to perform their profession? Is there anything musicians can do to protect their own ears and still play in tune?



There is a wide range of earplugs in any color and material to prevent noise from coming through to you and your neighbor. Show me a musician who hasn’t advised his nagging neighbor to get some….

But what about musicians themselves, who play maybe in a band or any other group with amplified sounds that have to reach far?                                


Professional ear plugs for musicians – rock or classical



Or you, a classical musician, who is playing regularly in the professional or semi-professional orchestra world:

Maybe you are seated the middle of an orchestra, but what if you were to sit in front of the trombone or percussion section?



What about the poor 2nd violin section especially the last stands, sitting in front of the piccolo (small and nasty little octave flute)? Or the clarinets in front of the drum session? Bassoons in front of trumpets? The viola section with the trombones behind? And we could go on and on.


Those musicians, and you might be one of them, have to protect their hearing, especially since their ears are a fundamental part of their jobs. Not only you might be seated next to a very loud or high frequency producing instrument, you might be the one having to practice it at home.

O boy, you really need to think about ear protection for musicians and not only neighbors!


The risks of not protecting your hearing


High frequencies and high decibel values will on the long run provoke irreversible damage to your hearing.

A slow but steady hearing loss, is the most frequent result of redundant exposure to high volume and/or high frequency sounds. Giving the addition of the stressful life of a musician, unfortunately many of us also get tinnitus, provoked by high pressure on one or both ears. These are unwelcome limitations to our everyday life, but even more dangerous to a musician, a person depending on good ears.

So let us protect them the best we can! Spot on



Why don’t we just use the wax ones to shut out any noise?


Well, I think every musician has already answered that question to a partner or friend offering wax or plastic earplugs shutting out any noise in distinctively.

We do not want to shut off any noise, just the very high and very low and very loud frequencies. We need to still hear what is going on around us, otherwise we can’t play well with our colleagues and it feels weird hearing only the inner sound we ourselves produce (try to speak to someone while wearing ear plugs).


Of course, there will always be cases when you are perfectly fine with headphones…


But we are talking about a different setting here – best ear plugs professional musicians can buy!

The best earplugs for musicians are thus letting through a little of every frequency, but less overall volume (decibel) and exponentially shutting off more of the very high and the very low frequencies, so that we can still hear everything, but without causing any damage to our ears. This could be differ in various situations so we will need ear plugs that can adapt and vary the filter strengths. So you will be able to play with others but without risking any hearing loss.



Professional ear plugs for musicians

After trying out nearly every earplug solution for musicians that I could find I finally found a professional solution. The Alpine Hearing Protection Multi Attenuator Molded Earplugs are not only affordable but also very flexible. They offer three different hi-fi filters sets: Gold (22 dB), Silver (19 dB) and White (16 dB). Therefore,  in any given situation you can choose the adequate level of sound attenuation and still maintain excellent sound quality. Moreover, they are made from
high-tech AlpineThermoShape material. The price is the best quality-money ratio for this pro earplugs and you can find out more by clicking on the image or the title beneath it.



Alpine Hearing Protection Multi Attenuator Molded Earplugs

Alpine Hearing Protection Multi Attenuator Molded Earplugs

In other words, as a musician, such as a guitarist, drummer, singer or DJ, you face significant risk of hearing damage as you are often in an environment with loud music. However, hearing loss has a direct impact on the performance of your profession or passion because your hearing is the most essential gear. Above all, good hearing is essential and properly protecting your hearing is important during rehearsals, performances and concerts.

Professional ear plugs to protect your health and profession

This professional model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for musicians. In other words, this is the most luxurious and extensive edition of the Alpine music range, with three sets of exchangeable filters, allowing you to determine your own protection.

In conclusion, these unique AlpineAcousticFilters with selective absorption guarantee optimal protection against harmful noise levels, while preserving excellent music quality.

Depending on the instrument you are playing, your position on the stage or the kind of music you are playing, you can always choose the protection that suits you most. The Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs do not make you feel isolated, allowing you to remain in touch with your surroundings, for instance during a studio recording. Therefore, this allows for optimal performance. Bear in mind that the official limit to damaging your hearing is about 80db. A flute and especially piccolo can easily exceed that, especially for the player. Therefore, be sure to protect one of your most valuable assets, your hearing!

Alpine Hearing Protection Multi Attenuator Molded Earplugs

  •  extremely comfortable, soft
  • perfect fit, flexible and durable
  • adapts to the ear through
  • three exchangeable acoustic filter sets
  • sound quality of the music remains preserved
  • prevents hearing loss and a ring in your ears
  • hardly visible in the ear
  • handy storage box, can be personalized

If you are a piccoloist as I am, and play in an orchestra or are studying to do so, have a look at my practice special for piccolo. You might find some valuable help there, regarding tuning and intonation in a symphony orchestra. Let me know!


Earplugs and musicians, so it’s a thing?

Yes, it definitely is. And if you are in the early stages of your carrier or studying one of the more “risky” instruments, you really should think about protecting your hearing.

Your neighbors and family can do with the wax ones, but you need professional earplugs for musicians.

So protect your hearing now and live a happy musicians’ life!


Leave comments and questions below and I’d be more than happy to help you out!

Study and have fun, you are safe!!!




Jana Theresa Hildebrandt