Online metronome sound

When they tell you to study with a metronome, have you ever looked for the online metronome sound? That click …

Maybe searched for an app that provides a metronome and maybe a tuner?

And found the metronome in Union Square in New York?


The metronome when you are in NYC
Union square metronome NYC



Then this article is for you!

Let’s go back some time…

Antique metronome

Of course we all love a good picture of the antique metronome on a grand piano. It is the vision of good old study practice, keeping your pace in check and maybe a Maestro pacing the wooden floor and reverberating the sound of the mechanical metronome click, that otherwise you would have hardly heard or was a little too free to interpret. More about metronomes here.


It reminds us of a century old tradition of millions of students who have gone through this ordeal before us. We are part of history! And so is the metronome in itself.


Functioning of an antique mechanical metronome
This picture shows the way a mechanical metronome works.


Those times are obviously over and we all moved on to electronical metronomes.

But sometimes they run out of battery, sometimes they fall and sometimes we throw them just anywhere in an act of desperation…

Metronomes don't grow on trees!
Metronomes don’t grow on trees so do not throw them at anyone!


Pay attention to not throw it out of the window as it might hurt some innocent pedestrian unaware of your struggles with keeping up with the incessant click of a digital metronome! …my experience. But when I explained the mechanism of the evil metronome and what it was used for, the injured pedestrian actually forgave me.

The problem was I still couldn’t really hear the click and when I heard it, it was not where it was supposed to be. So that little machine didn’t follow me…

anyway, to have a metronome that you can actually follow, it needs to be loud, especially when you study the piccolo flute or loud instruments and do not want to link it to earphones as it would disturb the quality sound of your playing.

And maybe it should have different sounds to choose from so you can adapt them to the piece you are studying.

In fact, playing in time is fundamental for any music. Imagine a band, when you need to create “the groove”. Hardly would anyone want to play with a musician who can’t play in time. More on that in this wonderful article about playing your guitar in time by my friend Lily ——> here.


Metronomes you can bear and hear

So my research went on to the best digital metronome I ever found, and even though I destroyed it twice, I bought it again. Not the metronomes fault, but my own. As it is very handy with a clip and very small I also used it to fix sheet music to anything and it sometimes fell.

But it’s brave, not until it completely went under water, did it do it’s job admirably.

It has a clock and very readable display. It is very small and practical with a clip. But best of all it has two click sounds, one lower (0) and one higher (1) that are both very distinct. You can adjust the volume and most of them times I do not need to go to the top to hear it.

I was advised to use this one when I started studying the piccolo and couldn’t hear my normal metronome at all. Now I use it for both piccolo and flute practice and even chamber music.

It is the best metronome with the most distinct and reliable sound. It has also subdivisions and you can study your rhythmical up and downbeats with whatever division you like.

This is a must have for any flutist! click —-> here to find out more.


Korg Metronomes

Two other metronomes you can buy on amazon that I do recommend because they are doing a great job, from a reliable brand (Korg) and affordable, too,  are the following two.

The first one is both metronome and tuner and does both jobs in a satisfying manner. The second one is a top level metronome, with anything you could wish for. In my opinion it is the best one there is on the market in terms of precision, duration and rhythmich diversity and visuability.

Check for yourself:

Korg TM60BK Tuner Metronome, Black

  • Tuner and metronome functions can be used simultaneously or independently
  • Large backlit display for improved visibility; twice the battery life of the tm-50
  • A wide detection range
  • Wide metronome range; three types of tempo settings and 15 rhythm variations
  • Convenient memory backup function and Auto power-off function


Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome, Blue

  • innovative “Beat Counting” display clearly shows: Number of Beats / Current Beat / Beats Remaining
  • Tempo can be set three ways: Full Steps / Pendulum Steps / Tap Tempo button
  • 9 Beats and 8 Patterns offer rhythmic diversity
  • Memory backup saves your settings; Auto power-off preserves battery life


Cost metronome

As for the cost of a metronome, if you take one you don’t like, there is the risk you break it and have to buy a new one. So I guess, from my experience, a 20 Dollar metronome that you like is the best investment in a peace – and fruitful study time that you can make.

Of course, you can add a free web metronome to it, whenever your phone is not low on charging or you can turn it off. I personally recommend to not use your phone in intervals of at least 20 min (yes, we are at that point, that I have to recommend leaving a phone in airplane mode for 20min!!! and you should see the faces I get for that…).

So if you can turn it into airplane mode you can use it either as a tuner or as a metronome. I do not recommend both at the same time as it is not practical and will make you lose a lot of time and worst case scenario also your patience.

So equip yourself with a good metronome and a good tuner and use your phone only in case one of them is out of charge or you forgot it somewhere.


Free web metronome and sound

My web metronome recommendation is definitely Soundcorset.

I have used it for years now and I’m very satisfied.

  • First of all it is free of charge.
  • In the metronome function which is the first you see in default when you download and open it you can choose the volume of the click and again the sound. (low 0 high 1)
  • You can build an entire percussion orchestra to accompany you buy the … function.
  • Any division of the tempo i possible to install
  • You can regulate the volume
  • Sliding on the screen you can easily set different BpM
  • The tuner is reliable and changeable other than 440 for an A
  • It records your sessions and tells you exactly how much time you spent on what


——–>click here for your free online metronome.<———


But when your phone battery is low, when there is a lot of noise or your phone is busy with other things, it doesn’t work well. So it is something to have just in case you can use it and your electronical devices are out of order.

Metronomical Conclusion

Consider equipping yourself with both, online and electronical tuner and metronome. So you are safe in any case and can study anywhere at any time. Use the advantages of either, whenever you can and do not depend on just one solution.

You might consider a tuner as well and can look for sound exercises in my flute practice specials.

The cost of a good metronome and tuner are very affordable. In fact, you can earn them with 2 hours of street music 😉

and you can always back up your equipment with the free Soundcorset App on your smartphone.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the comment section and will be more than happy to answer and help.


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Happy professional flutelife,

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