Flute hacks for beginners and pros – 3 ways to level up

Are you looking for flute hacks for beginners and pros to level up you flute playing?

Topflute has selected two times three ways to step up your game.

Go, get those hacks!


Flute hacks for beginners and pros – ways to level up

Other than following fairly simple schemes like the ones I’ve published ——-> here,

what can we do to enhance our skills and musical expression range?


flute hacks for beginners and pros



A three-way street to the same destination – improved flute playing

———-> Street number one

  • We can only express what we have felt or known and therefor we should listen to flute music as much as we can. By doing so we should become conscious of what we feel when we listen and if our emotional range is widening as well.

Knowledge is best acquired through emotions, energy in motion. Playing the flute requires both, energy and motion, we need to feel our body and not be disconnected from its parts and its emotions.

Whenever you link a sound to an emotion you will be able to reproduce it in any whatsoever stressful circumstance. Widen your bodily understanding of flute music.


———-> Street number two

  • Whenever you play, sing as well. Never produce a sound without singing it within you (I don’t mean the actual practice we used in practice tips, or in part also further down this artile, of singing and playing simultaneously).

I mean an energetic, active state, where energy flows and vibrates. Every note you produce, every sound needs to come from that place of vibrant beautiful flow, it can caress or overwhelm, take you with it or leave you with a shining glance of its memory.

You can change this way every time you play, just always feel it.


———-> Street number three


  • Imagine your fingers move in a perfect order on this air stream and produce pearls or different colors of a painting. Visualize what they create and you will easily remember the way the have to move without having to do it in repetition for an hour.

Remember the feeling of them creating an image on the canvas or interweaving a beautiful textile. Link the image to the sound, the sound to a feeling. Remember the feeling and you will play correctly anytime anywhere what you store together with that feeling.

Make sure it is positive and a creation you like. That is actually studying. Make it yours! Or as the singers say “put it into your voice”.



3 proven flute technique hacks


All the following techniques initially complicate our performance and in each we gain a different awareness which will massively contribute to the quality of our performance and your overall security at performing.

Can you lean on what you internalized and jump?


flute hacks for beginners and pros

  • Flute harmonics, play the piece with the lowest fingering producing the written sound as a harmonic. In this way you will learn how to produce a sound at the right tune a note with more support, larger opening. When you play with normal fingering again it will seem a walk in the park to you! Not only that, you will be surprised how much the intonation and quality of the sound has improved.


  • Fluttering tongue, play the piece using fluttering tongue continuously. In this way you will need to majorly increase your air support and also to link to notes together without stopping airflow or vibrato. Your sound quality will improve and your legato will be awesome. Also, you study a technique for contemporary flute music.


  • Sing and play, play the piece while singing harmony notes as a second part to your piece. While it increases hugely the quality of your sound, forcing it through the singing position of the airflow through the vocal chords, it moreover improves your harmonic understanding of the piece. Who says a flutist is a monophonic instrument? Let’s prove them wrong and improve our playing a great deal while learning how to accompany ourselves!


Flute loops – an unusual flute exercise in flute hacks for beginners and pros

Another way of getting in the zone, in your flow, your effortless playing and enjoying yourself while improving your overall playing is by creating loops from the most beautiful fragments of melodies that you love.

Wherever they come from, play them by heart and play them as often as you wish. Make them more beautiful every time and only when you feel centered move on to new things.

This is a selection of my favorite Italian flute tunes, that I play to stay in the flow and enter the zone. In the below video it is actually me playing with my pianist. I hope you enjoy.



Spot on – flute playing

What to do with those tips and tricks?

From all those ideas to make your sound and phrasing match your level of expression, communicative skill and therefore musicianship, choose at least two every day and incorporate them in what you already do when you practice.

Try to vary them once you manage them in a way that satisfies you and when you think you own them.



Once you have become familiar with all of them, choose the right one for every piece or situation. Get your inner position in place from where the air stream, the fingers, the posture and energy will be supportive to an overall musical idea.


Also read my other articles about practicing  to get a more complete picture.


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