flute in nature

Good morning,

wonderful flutists and flute music lovers. Do you happen to feel like imploding sometimes? Like closing up and saying thank you for the day? Well, that is fine and if you feel like it, you should do so.

Just do not forget, music never stops and neither does nature. Let’s play with nature!


flute in nature

Being a musician in lock down – flute in nature?

Always remember, being a musician is not about closing in and creating boundaries. It is about expanding and communicating. It is about making the unsaid heard. Being a musician is also about controlling your time, playing with it, and taking others by the hand. Guide them through your inner world into theirs. Music has the magnificent quality, it is without words (and even if there are, they are like one word in the whole book of life) and can evoke what is important to who plays as well as who listens.

It can make you cry, laugh, want to dance, want to sleep, want to dream. And it doesn’t have to be the same to every one.

Have you ever been playing in front of an audience that was completely ravished by your playing? Can you remember the energy? Those are the experiences most of us seek. To be heard and felt. Even more so to seduce and play, to lift up and pull along.

But why am I telling you this now? Well

Even though we are momentarily on lock down, we can observe spring happening outside, not caring at all about sanitary emergencies. Splendid colors and sunshine in Europe. Nature has an innate energy that especially now, when we are all still, we can feel with more vigor.

Inevitably it reminds me of when last autumn we were experimenting with the flute in nature.


What does the flute sound like in nature


Without the Eco of the walls, reflecting and compacting our sound, what does the flute sound like?

When you go outside,

flute playing in nature


your first notes will sound weird to you. It could make you feel small and with too soft a voice. But once you close your eyes and follow the sound, it is giving back to you its real nature.

No artificial Eco, no reverberation, just pure and free sound. If you can make it round and rich in harmonics without the help of walls and a roof, you will have progressed enormously.

Include your body and resonators in the equation. Open up the cavities and expand. In addition, give it more support than ever and feel the air reverberating in every part of your body. It is not only the air that has to still go outside and into the flute. But your body naturally resonates with the vibrating flute. So loosen up and allow it to sing with your flute.


Combining the flute with elements and places

Once you feel the energy and life of your pure sound in nature, you can choose to play with its elements. We already are using air have to avoid wind to be able to produce a sound. But we can play with wind in sheltered rock caves and ruins to experience a new sound. Taking into account external physical realities is fascinating, once you have control about your own flute playing in nature.

With a friend we also combined recordings from below water, playing at the shore of a beautiful lake in Tuscany. That would be recording what one hears from under water while somebody is playing close by. This experience has us fascinated and we wish to share the video with you:

flute and water

Why not try to play with fire? No, we are just kidding. But in a figurative sense what would that sound like? Or playing in the desert? Think of the sound of your flute in a wood, on a lawn, in a valley, maybe high up in the mountains with snow. How could you play in your room today to evoke the sound of the flute on ice? What would it sound like to play under an umbrella in the rain? Next to a mountain stream, or by the ocean?

Try to expand your experience from your studio and get playful. We would be very happy to read about your ideas in the comment section below.



Restoring silence

Walking around the province of Grosseto in Tuscany, we also fell in love with seemingly forgotten places. Where you can hear birds, but actually what you hear most of all is silence. The absence of human activities. This silence spoke to us more than a thousand words, telling us stories of long gone events. Listening to the silence was a beautiful exercise. As a result, it made us want to try to play with the wind, the air, the Eco and tell a story.

The story that came to our minds is what created the following video which we hope you enjoy:

Should you feel that you need someone to play with, we have a suggestion for you.

Try out Flutonia channel on youtube

They offer accompaniments for most of the flute repertoire. In addition to the fun, it sometimes just feels good to not be the only sound in the room and imagine a concert hall.

Creating a dream – flute in nature

Each location has

a melody

that springs from its silence.

Every sound coming from an actual or imaginary place wishes to bring back the original silence.

Thus it is by this oneiric interweaving of music and silence that

“The sound of shade” is inspired.

We wish to cil suono della meriareate an imaginative
encounter between the flute’s soliloquies

and the silent charm of

forgotten locations of art in the Maremma territory.

That would be in the south of Tuscany.

Moreover, idea leaves us looking for sometimes extreme resonances,
others soft and sinuous, some sparkling with passionate intensities
and others playfully embracing nature’s chiaroscuro.

By combining places of art, living nature and music, we aim to provoke a new dream of lived and unlived lives, possibilities and destinies, light and shade, melodies and silence.


Why not follow us, sharpen your perception and expand your experience with your flute in nature.

A sound born through breathing is made of the essence of life

Playing the flute is breathing and breathing is life. Therefore, playing the flute is making life be heard. Our life and breath put into sounds and melodies, that can be very evocative. Of course, we can also go for the virtuoso and the astonishing fast brilliant flutist. But why not try to combine your technical skills with something more profound. Something that can speak directly to the heart, to antique knowledge and ground you.

To us playing the flute can make you fly, shine, laugh, cry, giggle, talk, think, be. All those expressions should be in your palette and be nurtered to grow. In conclusion, why not try it out and go out into nature, to enrich your experience, even only in thought at this time?

Maybe a journey to our inner world would be more practicable at this time of emergency and fear. We would love to know your ideas on meditation for flutists. To read more on ours please relate to Janie’s most recent article benefits of meditation for flutists.

Have fun and let us know in the comment section below,


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