Cheap Flight Tickets Last Minute

We musicians are so often in the clouds! I mean literally in the clouds, flying to rehearsal, concerts, masterclasses and back home. We need to get cheap flight tickets last minute all the time.

This might be the case when we go home for Christmas as well and play some near home concerts to spend time with our loved ones. So let us think about it for a moment.

Do you collect miles? Do you have any reduction in flight tickets? I don’t. And I often need tickets fast, last minute and cheap. So how do we find cheap airline tickets last minute?

Cheap Flight Tickets Last Minute

How often does it happen that we need to make arrangements last minute? This is not vacation but stress for us. Nowadays we do not have agents, but are our very own industry and brand, we are our own secretaries and offices and marketers. So booking flights to join a venture last minute is often something we have to deal with and quick.

But it is not that impossible at all to find cheap airline tickets last minute. First thing you need to check out is on google maps which one is the closest airport to where you need to go and whether you can travel from the airport with public transportation to the location. Google itself has some great ideas about flight tickets but it has no direct and thorough price comparison in real time.


google closest airportSo what you need to do is

use a free provider of real time price comparison as well as flight time comparison.

Often it is crucial for us to get somewhere at a certain time, not very much earlier or later.



I have tried lots of those search engines and found one that works perfectly in Europe, Canada and the States.

It is called Skyscanner.

skyscanner interfaceIt will ask for your origin and destination, but you can also enter the whole country to make an optimal comparison between schedules, prices and airports.

I often enter Italy as a whole and then the city I need to go to.


Train travels in Italy are cheap and often the best solution to a further away airport with better fares and schedules. But be sure to check out car rental options as well. Just use the link below:


Cheap airline tickets last minute deals – easy and fast

After entering your origin and destination you can choose between direct flights or including changing flights. Also, including nearby airports.


find cheap airline tickets last minute


Let me give you an example: I need to be in a small Bavarian town Monday afternoon.

So I look for flights that arrive in South East Germany on Monday morning. As I have to play in a Concert close to Venice Sunday afternoon, I choose North East Italy as a starting point and see what flights they offer.

I can filter and order for price or flight time.


I would love to arrive around 10 am Monday moselect a flightrning or around 10 pm Sunday night to get some sleep close by.

Moreover, I will look up all opportunities, see that sleeping in Bavaria is too expensive, take a night train to Rome, where there is a cheap flight early in the morning to another very cheap airport with enough time to get to where I need to go.

You need to compare trains and hotels as well. So make a list and decide for what works best for you. Be open for new ideas and enter broader areas. In the end of my example I had to go to central Italy, as from the North it cost too much.

It was cheaper to take a night train to Rome than to fly from the north and sleep in Bavaria. Just to let you see how you can save a lot of money.

Go and check out your own options by clicking ——>>>>> HERE

The Best comparison between travel agencies and flight companies

Now, Skyscanner also gives you the opportunity, once you clicked on the chosen solution, to decide whom to by your ticket from. It clearly states whether the offer comes from a travel agency or the
airline itself.

Often travel agencies offer cheaper tickets than the airlines do. That is because they hope you buy other services as well. A little like Ryanair. In the case below the airline is the cheapest.


cheap airline tickets dealsAfter choosing your flight and where to buy it from, Skyscanner sends you off to the airline or travel agency.
Sometimes prices will change a little, so be careful.
That is because of availability and real time purchases of other customers.


You can also put a notification on your chosen travel and not buy it yet. So you will be informed by Skyscanner via email when prices drop.

last minute cheap flight tickets


I love that feature as you can buy when it is actually cheapest. But that is of course if you have enough time to wait and compare.

If you need to buy your flight ticket now and fast, you need to act immediately on the cheapest and most suitable solution found for you.


Check out your options

Live light and travel light – last minute cheap flight ticket

Have your passport ready as sometimes you might be able to check-in online immediately.

All you need is a PayPal account or credit card and you have your flight booked. Easy and fast.

Most of the times it is possible to check in right away and get a mobile boarding ticket sent to your phone. So you do not need to print anything.

flight schedulNow all we have to do is pack and get to the airport on time. Be careful about which flight modality you chose. As you are sometimes allowed to only bring hand luggage with the smallest fare.

Restrictions vary from company to company, so be sure to read up on what you purchased.

Don’t forget earplugs for a relaxing sleep, comfortable traveling clothes, performing dress, flute, music stand and music sheets.

And that is already quite some luggage. So be sure to take only strictly necessary things. Like something warm or fresh to dress depending on where you go and a book to relax.


Tickets and restrictions

You will need your ticket when buying duty-free items in the airport so keep it handy. It might also be scanned for a free WiFi code in some airports (Zurich for example).

As to your hand luggage you need to follow strict rules:

Be sure to read about size and weight as they vary from airline to airline. Concerning liquids:

They have to be less than 100ml each and adding up to not more than 1 Lt in a reclosable transparent plastic bag.

get cheap airline tickets last minuteCell phones and laptops have to be taken out for security check, so keep them in easy reach.

No sharp objects are allowed and that is true also for the little screwdrivers we flutists use and nail manicure instruments.

I always keep my instrument in my hand luggage, as flutists are lucky that it fits. Then to be sure not to get sick on the flight, dress in layers.

Most of the airlines have very cold air con on their flights and I enjoy bringing a hood as I hate the cold air on my head. Some are very warm and dry.

If you have a low cost flight, be sure to buy water once you are through security, for example in a duty-free shop. (have your ticket ready!)


Season’s greeting and happy holidays


Now that you are all packed and ready to leave I can only wish you the very best of holidays, performances and warm welcome where ever you go with your cheap flight tickets last minute!

Don’t forget to check Skyscanner also for hotels and car hires as it has the best price/quality ratio there as well.

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