Best free audio editing software

If you have recorded anything and wish to do some editing so that it sounds more professional, you will be looking for the best free audio editing software.

best free audio editing softwareWhat is the best free audio editing software out there?

Maybe you are new to this and would also appreciate a community to answer your questions along the way of audio editing. So we are looking for free software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and offers a forum.

Definitely winner is audacity. You can download it from the following link and it is a free version:

This tool is especially useful if you need to do one of the following things:

  • removing a section of audio
  • adding royalty-free music tracks underneath
  • save your work in MP3 ( plug-in the free add-on)
  • get consistent audio levels
  • distribute your work


How to create audio products

Talking about interviews and recording them, Skype is a fantastic version.

You could add Blue Snowball USB microphone or best free audio recording micssound quality and use audacity to get all voices and sounds to the same level. There are several free recording software products one can use, for example ifree-recorder.

But this is only for PC. If you use a MAC, eventually you have to pay, but there is a free trial available for eCamm Call Recorder For Skype.

Speaking about musical products, you can use your smartphone or iPhone, as long as you add a valuable microphone.


Some good option for any kind of recording is the zoom recorder

It is the number one recording device for musicians. Very handy and with 10 hours of battery freedom.

I personally use the H1 Zoom Handy Recorder, which has a mic design that captures perfect stereo image.

Just check it out —————->>> HERE.

Moreover, it comes with free Cubase and Wavelab bundled software. So you can edit and master your recordings for free!

Zoom offers an accessory pack, that I also use and highly recommend. It is very cheap and makes a great difference! The H1 Accessory Pack APH-1 consists in windscreen, adjustable tripod stand, mic clip adapter, padded-shell case, AC adapter and USB cable. You can have a look at what that means ————–>>> HERE.

How to market and sell those products

As Zoom so beautifully says, the world needs creators, people willing to contribute something. Something original, inspiring and powerful.

So get your voice, your music, your ideas out there! What are you waiting for?

Oh right, a strategy. Now that we have created a product, we need to create awareness. Your surroundings and social media followers need to become aware that you exist. There is so many ways to do that for free.

topflute.comFirst thing is social media. Create your Instagram, twitter, pinterest, Facebook and linked in accounts. Use the same profile picture in all, so you will create a brand. Yes, your own face and story are a brand. Think about your story and start to broadcast it.

It needs several stages, like Greek tragedy. You start off all hopeful and naive (explain when and how), you follow teachings and start to wonder (still all positive, just less rose in color!).

Tragedy happens, either from the outside world or from your inside (traumatic experiences, love and family, or major doubt threatening your whole musical carrier).

Chapter three is all about redemption. You find your way and make it personal. People will be in awe that you didn’t stop and wish to bring them your music anyway.


You are not alone – Friends created a Launchpad

Start broadcasting your story. Videos, posts, pictures. Whatever you thing suits you. Engage with your audience on social media. Respond and befriend alike carriers and stories. You will find so much support, it will be incredible. Just be honest and true. The genuine you with your story and your music.

Very powerful are groups on social media, such as on Pinterest and Facebook. It could add 10k viewers to your audience. So try to make friends with well-established groups in your music niche.

myflutelife.comPictures, texts and audios are very welcome and help to engage, but eventually you will need videos. YouTube or Vimeo or both. To train yourself for that establish very short live broadcasts on Facebook. You can just say: Hi, I am …., a musician in ….., I would love to let you listen to the music I write/play….and you say why you love or write this music and play like 30sec.

That is enough. Doing that on a regular basis you create awareness and a fan club of people who wish you well and see and hear more of you.

That is the point where you go creating an email list. You can offer your recorded and edited piece in change for their email.

There are many free providers of these services and you should take advantage of that. Friends of mine are offering an e-book on the topic that covers everything, even creating video courses and masterclasses for free, selling and marketing them for free.

Don’t miss out on the special launch offer and check it out now —————> HERE.


There is amazing free stuff out there – best free audio editing software and more

So true, you need your budget to travel, live, breathe and create. You cannot afford to spend on marketing and selling.

Why would you? When there is so much amazing free stuff out there. Heidi and David have saved my life many times and finally made an e-book available on all the free tips and tricks of creating, marketing and selling your own digital products for free without spending a penny.

flyingflutist.comWell, David is European and Heidi from North America. Bringing together their knowledge has given us the perfect Digital Marketing Launchpad to work all over the world!

Be finally free and live your dream! Create, market and sell from where ever you are.

Just make sure that there is a story and value. Obviously you need to bring value to the world to receive value. But I guess that if you have read our article up to here you are more than ready to flood the world with your special gift which we more than welcome!

Shine bright, live light and care to share

Feel free!


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