Me and the Art of Flute Playing

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My name is Jana and I’m a professional flutist, performer and teacher.

Whether you are here because you are a beginner flutist, in search for flute tuition, to learn play flute, to be updated on flute playing now or you are a flutist wishing to level up your game or even make it a profession, this is the place to be!


My Story


Born as the first daughter of flutists parents, it is not surprising that I see the sound of the flute as my first language.

Speaking through the flute! That’s music.


Just as you do not usually value your mother language that highly you go out to conquer the world and get to know the rest of it. Very soon I discovered that not everyone was playing the flute, because my parents played in the orchestra. So I thought that there were a lot of different accents of the same language. But never would I have guessed that some people just don’t speak “music”.

Still, I did just have fun whenever I met other people of the same language or different accents and studied art history and biotechnology. Interested in everything that was life or made life beautiful.

Unfortunately my mother had an accident with me just 20 years old and never recovered from it.

I missed the sound of her voice, her flute playing and decided to fill the gap!

I had to play more.

But I lived in Italy at the time and, believe it or not, Italian’s don’t just play music for fun. You won’t find them, classical musicians, just playing to play. They said, that if I wanted to play the flute I had to go to the conservatory. So I did.

But shockingly, so many lessons there were not about music, then those which should have been, were about technical stuff. I lost my mother a second time. At least, that’s what I felt.

So I just started to play again the way I had always played and the crowd divided. Fiercely adoring my way or telling me I sounded too personal. Can you believe it? Too personal…

Anyway, my way of thinking and playing appeared to be too free for the academic world. But luckily still winning prices and competitions. They made me develop my own method, in part derived from my parents, another very small part from academical teachings, but mostly completely mine.

There was not much time to practice, I had to pay for a living, so I developed a perfect personal way pof time and energy efficient practice which I can help anybody develop for themselves.

I was awarded a permanent teaching position in an Italian teaching competition and actually teach flute at a music college in Tuscany.

Luckily I was also appointed a position to perform with the orchestra of the same city. So this is my current life. Performing and teaching,  dolce vita in Tuscany, not bad!

But what can I do for you? Find out below:


So what could I help you with?

That is what I want you to achieve:


Deeply understand what playing the flute means to you. Why do you wish to learn the art of flute playing? What it is you aim to achieve by putting energy and time into studying the flute. Which repertoire would you like to specialize in? Is it chamber music? Is it a soloist carrier? A professional orchestral flute player? A teacher? Or a bit of everything? Even Jazz?

Just to have peace in your life and giving the flute a place in the way of achieving it? I can help you with any of those options, because I have been through all of that. I know how it feels at every point of the way and sympathize with the spiritual but also with the successful flutist.

This is why I want you to achieve the best you can and maximize the results of the time, effort, energy, money and resources you put into your flute journey.

You can have a taste of that by going through my first

                                                 flute practice special 

                                                 piccolo practice special


By communicating your thoughts and needs in the comment section I will customize further specials on flute practice.


What can you expect from following me and the art of flute playing?


Have you ever wished for a study buddy, or someone that holds you accountable for what you have decided to do? I will be that somebody. But not only the strict one.

Probably you already have that little voice in your head!

I will be the inspiration that provides you with new motivation, change, improvement and new input. I will show you the 1001 streets to successful practice and effective flute training. There is so much more than scales and arpeggios.

Yes, there is so much more exciting use of the flute that will enrich you and you will choose of every thing I tell you, which part to include in your daily practice.

It will maximize the result and minimize the effort. You will have more fun and have to spend less time locked away from the rest of the world, practicing.

For instance, did you know, that just thinking about a sound now and then and connecting it to a feeling will get you so much closer to your ideal flute playing? You need the basic skills to translate your ideas into sound but the rest is made of life and living. Of linking a sound quality to a place in your home, to a body part, to a moment in your life, to a color, to a person.

Who are the musicians that actually communicate something? Those who link their music to their life. Those who, other than being the perfect interpreters speak to you about themselves. Playing the flute and touching a soul, even an imagined one, like the composer’s, but not getting stuck with the rules and those you try to copy.

Building your own musical statement in the range of perfect classical music, is not only possible, it is what makes it worth playing the flute. Let the music speak!


What do I expect from you?


Be honest with yourself. Why is it that you play the flute. What does this instrument mean to you. What do you want to tell the world. Do you like the life you have? How do you see yourself in a year from now?

Where will you be and what will you be doing? What will be the sound of your flute and what will be the sound of your flute in 10 years from now?

What does the flute expect you to do for the art of flute playing?


There is silence and then there is music. How do we connect the two situations?

How does the sound start, develop and finish? Does it ever really finish?

The flute is actually a new body part of yours. But it is always yourself, your air, your pressure, continuous or discontinuous airflow, speed, angle and guidance of the airflow.

Your tongue and fingers imprinting information, playing games and becoming serious, marching, crying, screaming or seducing and singing. It is your voice. It is you.


Are you just getting started? Need help with deciding on a beginner’s flute?

Look up my advice and decide today! —–> let’s get started with that flute life! - Find Flutists and Flute Teachers Online
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best on the journey to flute happiness,

Jana Theresa Hildebrandt,

flutist by birth, nature and education

founder of


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2 thoughts on “Me and the Art of Flute Playing”

  1. Hi Jany,
    Nice to meet you.
    I enjoy reading your about me page.
    I’m sorry about what happened to your mom 20 years ago.
    I am a fan of music and I admire your courage and determination. I see that you have a good personality. And considering your music journey until now, I know that you can help those who would like to learn how to play the flute.
    All the best!

    • Hi Sebastian, thank you so much for reading my story and commenting.
      It is fantastic to know what came through to you is not only the sad part but also
      what I try to make of it. Thanks for letting me know.
      All the best to you, too!!


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