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This is Janie again! I’m a professional flutist, performer and teacher. For sure, many of you are professional musicians and you are going to understand exactly what I will tell you about our current situation and what we can do to create a satisfying life design for musicians.

Training for musicians is hard

SEO training for musiciansAs musicians, we are used to training hard, study long hours or very quickly and under varying circumstances.

Many times we have to be on spot when we would rather run away or binge watch our favorite TV show.

If at all in our life we had time to get to know any TV shows.

But we can’t, you cannot run from the stage. You cannot say “no” to a project because they might not call you anymore for work. So you will have to squeeze in those students and hurry from one place to the other.

Speeding tickets start piling up, like the breadcrumbs in your car, from those damn bread rolls we eat as a meal in very different times a day then would be healthy.

Sleep, food, free time, Sundays off, so many things we have to say goodbye to, we are used to it. Sometimes we feel like a musical god, sometimes we feel worse than our students. This roller coaster day in day out in terms of life makes us become adrenalin junkies. We couldn’t be living without it anymore. We might even have had to overcome stage fright or still be struggling with it to add some extra stress. Read more on how to deal with performance anxiety in my article ————–> here.

The price to pay in the long run

exhausted musicianThis level of stress is a hard toll on our body and mental health. I know many musicians, who even had the wonderful lifetime job of playing in just one orchestra, fixed rehearsal times, retirement payment, fixed shows and performances at always the same places.

Maybe a tour to a foreign country or a different conductor now and then. Maybe sometimes some composer shows up with a life-changing piece of music where you have to spit into your flute, or jump around on stage….but even those, whom I admire, because they have made it, they won a position in a symphony orchestra, have high stress levels.

They have been measured for research and are out stressed only by pilots. I know several of those musicians with nervous breakdowns, nerve health issues and ticks they cannot control, sometimes it costs them their job. I also know two who changed carrier radically, one became a fitness trainer and the other one a …… what if not…a pilot.c

Check out how to improve your sleep and food in my two articles related to health. But that won’t be enough. Just slowing down the process of slow exhaustion.

———————-> Food

————————————-> Sleep

So here you got the history you have already know in your own environment.


Does it really have to be that way?

Do we have to stress out to get in far away places on time, playing music we do not like? Is it like we can here so often:

You should be happy, you are doing what you love! Not every one can make a profession out of their passion.

Yeah, yeah….right. Sometimes that is just the problem. It is our passion. Our soul hurts that we have to nearly prostitute it sometimes, just so that people will want to hear it and pay for it.

However, what did I do?

sleep for musicians

After believing in the “You should be happy” words for a while, I felt completely lost. I had fought such a long time to be able to live on music. Why am I not satisfied? Why have I also lost the desire to play my flute in my free time, to study music that I’m interested in, but that doesn’t pay?

Something is not right and there has to be another way. Luckily for us, there is! The internet.

A new life design for musicians is possible

It doesn’t have to be that way at all!classical musician websites

For starters, we are done with selling our precious time by the hour. You can’t pay an artist by the hour.

We will record lessons, online and sell them to as many students as we can. Furthermore, we will create courses which we have to give only once, and record them. I will help you learn strategies to sell them online and be paid for what they are worth, not for the time we have put in. We will begin to see, how much unused potential the internet has for us.

It will give us back our lost time. We can also share our expertise on our own websites and become an authority in what we do, so that we can finally decide what to play and which concerts to give.

Let us become our own managers! The music industry is broken and leaves us only breadcrumbs. Let us take our fate in our own hands and decide what our life and time is worth.

Musicians can do it! Create a life style that is satisfying

online marketing for musiciansWe musicians have the strength and determination to do just that.

Discipline and passion are our every day. The result is nowledge and experience. Who would be better indicated for opening up an online business?!

We can learn to become entrepreneurs, that is not hard.

It was hard what we did so far. Where we have come to and what we have endured made us strong and resilient. We also learn fast and put everything in something when we know it serves a purpose.

Those nights on the train to get to an audition in the morning, pizza in parking lots, endless bus-tours and formula 1 rides on the high way.

All this is over. We will decide about our time and whereabouts and revive our passion once again.


Online marketing for musicians – a 3 way street

Let us take advantage of this day and age and all the possibilities we have online and with social media.

There are three streets we can follow, even all together.

website design for musicians

1. One is affiliate marketing and blogging,

2. Another one is creating a brand and lessons online,

3. the other one is social ad campaigns for concerts we create.

All is possible, all is sustainable.



I will create free training on my website ——–>

 To learn more about affiliate marketing you can check out my article ———> here.

I have already started the passive income creation way. Read about it ———> here.


Next one on the list is how to create video lessons and sell them online, not just you tube them randomly, but with strategy and sold as webinars through sales funnels.

The last way is going to be shown in another category, where I will get to what can become a dream job if you do it right.

If it has been a while and you feel you need to get in your best performance mode again read my new article ————————->                     HERE! And do not despair. Music is life and life is MUSIC:

Stick with me, and hear me out! You won’t regret it.

What is your experience so far? Which way would you choose?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section and hit the share buttons for social media on this website and post.


Stay blessed and healthy,

Life has a tune for you!


founder of

life design for musicians



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14 thoughts on “Life design for musicians – 3 ways online”

  1. Wow, what a great article. I never realised that it was such hard work being in an orchestra. It makes playing in a band sound like a holiday Janie. But of course, it’s all about the love of music and wanting to perform.
    You have some great ideas here for breaking out of the musical roundabout. I think having a website and branding yourself with your own teaching videos is the way to go.
    It’s certainly the path I will be taking.

    Will you be imbedding your own videos on your website?


    • Hi Lily, so happy to connect! I guess playing in a band has it’s own hard times. But the love for what we do let’s us overcome it all! Until we can’t. That is why we have to start preparing a plan B. If you like I will write you a message when the lessons are out.
      I will put my own videos on site and help you create your brand and your audience. Also to create courses and masterclasses.
      Hope to get to it soon!
      Thanks for coming by and sharing,

  2. I loved this post and it both lifted me up and added a tinge of sadness. We only ever get to see the end result of the work that is put in. Like most at the top of their professions, there is a long and arduous journey taken to reach the pinnacle.
    Years spent learning your craft and holding onto the dream of being able to do what you love for a living. Competition for the elite few places is unrelenting, there is always someone waiting in the wings, hungry for the opportunity to fulfil their own lifes dream.
    We don’t see the countless hours learning new pieces, not even ones that you enjoy, endless rehearsals and living out of suitcases for weeks on end. You play what you’re told and have a limited amount of time to learn. It can feel like one sacrifice after another. Few make it to the level where they can pick and choose where and what they play.
    To reach a point where you know something has to change and to do something about it, is admirable. Your ideas for alternative routes to sustaining a musical life are excellent and for many will be an escape from the ’roundabout’.
    To lose the love of playing, goes against everything that the joy of making music should be about. Without the love there is no passion and without that, how can you touch the souls of those who listen.

    • Dear Twack Romero,
      You must have experienced something similar to be so understanding of what it means. You have incredible empathic insights and I can’t put into words how thankful I am to you for sharing your thougts.
      I’m happy you can see, that what I am doing is not giving up, on the contrary! It is getting back to the root and allowing myself to live my passion without others telling me what to do or bossing me around.
      I wish I could help all musicians in a similar situation to become their own bosses, and finally play and have success. Create your brand and find the 21st century method of living a fulfilled musician’s life.
      My own life will be dedicated to helping others do that!

  3. Being a musician sounds hard work with all those long hours. I totally agree that making and selling your lessons online is a far better solution. Who wants piles of parking tickets in their car when they can find students online! No need to leave the comfort of your sofa, and you can still catch up with your favourite tv shows 🙂

    • You totally get it, my friend!!! So let’s learn how to create and sell those online lessons. Shall we?
      Happy to have you on board.
      Thanks for sharing,

  4. Janie, I will often watch musicians at concerts, theatre and solo performers and not only envy their skill but also that they are following the path of being true to themselves. Once a dancer, I know first hand the level of commitment that is required to both hone your skill and to remain on top of your game.

    So I truly envy this level of commitment, what I never ever realised was that Musicians suffered for their art not physically (like dancers) but mentally. I never ever realised this was a by product. Artists yes but never musicians, how wrong was I. The statistic of : Pilot then next and following this stress job was Musician.

    I would like to thank you for a brilliant post, I love how you are offering fellow musicians (artists) a way of commuting their precious time to create a way forward with an income. It is wonderfully imaginative and would like to think any nerve frazzled flute player, violinist, pianist or indeed any one of the instrument playing readers would jump at finding out how they could increase their status.

    Brilliant post loved it… 👍

    • Thank you so much, Cordelia! As a dancer you know what it takes in fact. Also for musicians the toll on the body shouldn’t be underestimated.
      Not even close to that of a dancer, of course. I wish I could give some hope that there is another way to live our art and stay healthy and happy. I appreciate your empathy for us, travelling long hours, rehearsing, training and very odd sleeping hours.
      Happy to read that the post inspired you that there is help for this situation!
      Hope you will tell some of the less fortunate musicians that there is a way.
      Best wishes, from one art to the other!

  5. Hi,
    I am an accidental visitor to this page.

    I have all the musical ability of a rock, but I do like music, and enjoy the atmosphere surrounding it.
    Whether it be just listening to something at home, or street musicians playing in parks or near restaurants.
    I have always understood that a musicians life is probably the hardest gig out there and I always put something in the cases.

    One of my work mates plays in a band and after 20 years it is still a hobby, but, he, his wife and a couple of friends enjoy it. They make a few dollars and get free beer on their weekends.

    I know this is far below the standard of what you write about. You have provided a great insight into the workings of a dedicated professional willing to pass on the knowledge gained from your experience(s).

    I have a question for you though. And I am playing Devils Advocate here. You are talking about two types of coaching.

    Music and blogging, Sounds like you are doubling your workload. Which to me already seems incredibly busy.

    Is your intention to derive a passive income from blogging while limiting your performances to things like weddings, where you can make a few dollars and get some free beer.

    Or do full on music coaching and full time blogging ?

    I think you need to balance things a little better, to have the life you desire to create for others.

    Someone once said to me “I don’t know what life has in store for me, but I know it is hard”.

    Thank you for this great insight. I hope many others appreciate it.


    • Hi Michael, thank you for visiting our page. Musical ability of a rock? That is great! That’s where it all started, with rocks and wood used as percussion!! 😉
      Thankful for all street musicians you support. You are right with rising the question. In fact, I wish to help every one in a different way. The way that suits them better.
      Some of my musician friends have just too many gigs, low paid, but they love them. If they could do just half of them and have an extra income with close to no work required it would be their best life design! For them I advise to create a 40 hour music course, which they can sell without even having to create a website through email marketing. A lot of effort in the beginning, then it will become automatic and you just need to check in every now and then.
      Another one is creating short Youtube videos from where ever you go and what ever you do as a musician. When the audience is enough you can earn extra income from ads and you might also gain some pupils or gigs.
      Yet another way is blogging, if you like writing, diary style. You could do that online and make it profittable.
      No one can do all and in the beginning you will have to choose which way is the best for you.
      I myself chose blogging as you can see, but I’m on my way to create the others too.
      One step at a time to never have to cut out on food, sleep, playing music.
      Be healthy and stay blessed!
      Thank you for your question, it gave me an opportunity to explain myself more clearly.
      Did I?

  6. Great article Janie! My daughter has fallen in love with the flute and is starting to dream of playing professionally. First, what would be your advice to her in working towards that goal? And secondly, how much time per week should she be putting into playing her flute?

    I think she’s really serious about this, so your advice will be so helpful to her. I would greatly appreciate it too because I can sense your passion in your writing.

    • Hi, Karen! Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it very much. How old is your daughter? And for how long has she been playing?
      Generally speaking it is better to divide study sessions in smaller portions and more often. As an example, if you wish to study 1 hour, you should do 3 times 20min with breaks in between, also half hour breaks. Later on you can study two times 45 min per day, and when you are close you will go 3 times an hour or even 3 times 1,5 hours, this is per day. It totally dipends on your daughter. The 10.000 hour rule is not generally accepted and also in my experience not true. If you listen to flute music, play your piece in your head on the way to the grocery store or sind it in the shower, that is studying too. In my professional life, I do not have much time to study. An average of two hours is minimum though. But this depends, too. If you like I could skype with your daughter and we could see what her situation is.
      Also if she could be closely mentored by a flutist who plays where and what she wants to play.
      I hope this helped you!
      Best wishes,

      • Thank you so much for this information. This will really help her.

        Katie is 8 and has been playing the flute for about a year. She does have a mentor here that has helped tremendously. You have confirmed that her teacher has her on the right track, so I feel so much better.

        Thank you again for such an informational article.

        • You are so very welcome! Happy I helped you out. If it reassures you I started at 11! I was too small before. But I had been playing all sized of the recorder earlier and had been surrounded with music. That is the most important thing, to really live it.
          Thanks for sharing,


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