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I admit it, I am German by birth. But hey, I can tell a good espresso from a not so good one! Since 2001 I have had the privilege to study and live, later work in Italy. As a complete zombie without my quality coffee, I can assure you, I know! I need an Italian Moka Coffee Maker with me at all times.

Even Andrea Bocelli, famous Italian Tenor, loves the best Italian Coffee!

Have a look

If you love espresso, this article is for you!

Filter coffee drinkers do not know how much they are hurting their stomachs, as the filter also blocks the fatty parts of the coffee bean, that would protect your stomach and intestine. Espresso has everything, protection and taste!

If you’d like to know more about coffee as a means of beauty read my article about the use of good quality coffee for scrubbing. Instead of throwing the rests away, why not use them for a beneficial body scrub? It leaves your skin clean and moistured. Only use it though if you can be sure that the beans were not produced with an awful amount of pesticides and chemicals. I go Illy or organic.

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Best Italian Coffee Beans

Especially now, in those dreadful and frightening times we live in, make sure to get your coffee delivered to your house without extra costs, no minimum sale necessary. Just have a look

O well, Italians know how to make their coffee and how to drink it. It is a sacred ritual and has to follow strict rules. Those traditions are jealously given on from generation to generation. The secrets are kept in the families and taken to the tomb when there are no heirs.

illy Ground Espresso Medium Roast Coffee

But as a blond German girl I was able to get a glimpse behind the scenes of after lunch and dinner coffee making. Fortunately, Italian maybe future mother in laws let their guard down: So I was introduced to the secrets of Italian coffee making.

Even if it was for the sole purpose of making their sons happy!

As a wonderful byproduct, I made myself happy too, in coffee heaven. With boyfriends from central and south Italy, I learned very quickly which are the best Italian Coffee Beans: Let me reveal this gourmet secret to you: It is Illy coffee.

  • Fewer pesticides than any other non organic coffee.
  • 100% Arabic from 9 different countries in the world, those handpicked beans preserve the aromatic qualities.
  • sustainability for environment and employees

sustainable qualityNot only that, Illy cares about sustainable quality, which includes quality of life for the workers. They have chosen to follow the highest ethics.

Which is why I drank it a lot in left-wing, and academic environment. But also at the home of every one else, dedicated to good quality coffee.

You can find out for yourself by clicking the following link


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Italian Moka Coffee Maker


So what about those traditional secrets to coffee making at home?

In Italy, we use this little thing called Moka. And it is still preferred to capsules and other machines. To get an idea, here is the link to find pictures and get an idea!

Illy Caffe US Homepage

illy Alessi Pulcina 1 Cup Moka Pot - Red

Well, they are also where your personal coffee making style and secrets come through.

So let me reveal them to you

Never ever wash the Moka with soap, or anything but water. Do not scrub off the coffee rests or coloring in the inside. Only through time does the Moka acquire real Italian coffee making taste. So just water, no scrubbing!

Then you need to fill it up only until under the pressure valve. Do not cover it or, god forbid, surpass it! The valve is for steam only, no water, not even close. The water needs to be low calcium, tab water is good, if you are not living where there is a lot of chalk in the water. COLD WATER! Heaven sees you! No warm water. It will alter the taste of the coffee.

Do not fill it up with coffee, 2/3s is enough. Do not flatten it. Put the gas (or whatever you use) on low. Very low. You wouldn’t want to destroy the taste by shocking the beans with heat. The more time the water spends running through, the better the taste.


How to make your true Italian coffee at home

And the instructions go on:

After it came through and it starts to make some noise (air coming
through with coffee), turn off the gas, but do not touch it. This is a
sacred moment. Let the last pearls of coffee gather with the crowd and
wait for it. When you do not hear anything anymore, you can serve the
coffee, slowly. Do not use sugar or milk.

Taste it as it is and enjoy!

Illy Caffe US Homepage

coffee becomes music!!!

for the experts, whenever the coffee is ready, the first part, which
spent less time with the beans, has less caffeine. So if you have
someone who needs to limit the intake of caffeine, this is the perfect
time to serve the first cup without mixing.

If you are all lovers
and just wish to enjoy the best coffee ever, mix with a spoon in the
Moka first. This way the Italian Moka Coffee Maker will give you the
best exquisite experience!

Espresso machines or Italian Moka

In Italy, we love our Mokas. Forget George Clooney, he has a house in the very north, near Switzerland. We will defend our Mokas and go on with the true tradition till the end!! With a Moka, it is less strong and with more Aroma, as it takes longer to go through.

illy X1 iperEspresso Anniversary 1935 Machine - Red

At the bar, trust only when they have the long handles to put down to attach the coffee to the steam. And when they serve Illy. They tell you outside already.

So what about those machines and capsules. Well, if you love them.

Go Illy, anyway! It is much healthier and more stylish.

You can also have a look at the Illy art collections, cups and plates, machines as well.



illy illy Art Collection 25th Anniversary Can Dark Roast Ground Espresso

Well, if you do not have the surrounding family to chat while waiting and preparing and you are on a tight schedule, at least make sure your espresso machines are Illy.

Have a look at the wonderful offers for a truly Italian life style and coffee —————————> HERE



With coffee, trust the Italians!

And trust Andrea Bocelli!

Why wouldn’t you? There is so much music in a good cup of coffee, that you can here him sing!

Especially when you study Italian music, you’d need to get tuned into the true life style and quality!

Very well, you know why I drink Illy, why most of Italian musicians do and also many mothers-in-law!!!

Coffee is one of the finest things in life, and we all should pay the utmost attention at with whom we share those sacred moments and secrets.

Let me know, what you think and experienced and why you chose Illy!

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Have a fantastic coffee, life and stay happy!



Famous Italian Tenor drinks Illy


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4 thoughts on “Italian Moka Coffee Maker- Best Italian Coffee Beans”

  1. I love coffee. And I absolutely agree that you should trust Italians when speaking about coffee… either moka or espresso are the best ways of preparing coffe. Great post!

  2. Hey,

    What a great article. I love coffee, but I have been too used to the old nescafe instant stuff you buy from the supermarket. I need to invest in some proper coffee like you.

    Italian Moka Coffee sounds like a great place to start. I will let you know what my thoughts are when I try it first.

    Thanks for the article and thanks for the inspiration too.

    All the best,


    • Great meeting you, Tom!
      I am sure that after confessing your sins, things can only get better now!!!
      You will love Illy Coffe and I can’t wait for you to tell me.

      A Moka is very cheap and the coffee is the best quality/price ratio I know.
      All the best and treat yourself to good coffee,



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