foods to avoid for a flat stomach – and as a flutist

Food for flutists and a flat stomach

4 things to avoid

So what are the foods to avoid for a flat stomach, and also as a flutist?

Having a flat stomach and eating well to play the flute at the best of your skills are actually quite similar in method to achieve it. Especially in what to avoid!

Actually if you read my previous article it is pretty clear what to avoid. Let’s see if we got that so far:

food for flutists - avoid those1. Refined Sugar and Refined Grain

Sugary drinks and sweets and also packaged food with hidden sugar should be avoided. As well as refined grain based meals.

Not only because it is generally unhealthy. It causes an energy peak right after consuming it and leaves you with less energy than before.

2. Dairy products

As we grow older we have less possibility to process lactose and it constitutes a burden on our digestive system. We should try to substitute cow milk with vegetable derived drinks and make sure they do not have extra sugar added. If you go with soy, which is one of the most genetically modified products together with corn (mais), be sure you choose organic. You might want to drink your coffee or tea black and acquire a new expertise in its taste! Cut down your cheese and yogurt as well and be sure to take calcium and vitamin D supplements and get enough sunlight.

3. Too much coffee

Actually this also depends on the quality of the coffee.

Filter coffee is much more aggressive on your stomach than you might think. The filter keeps the small healthy fat elements from the coffee beans out of your dripped cup of coffee and has thus no protection.

Espresso is a much healthier choice. It is less liquid and contains all parts of the ground coffee bean. You can start using organic as well and brewing your espresso at home with your own moka.

The Bean Coffee Company Organic Il Chicco (Traditional Italian Roast), Dark Roast, Whole Bean, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2)

Bialetti 06800 Moka stove top coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum

A bonus tip in foods to avoid for a flat stomach – and as a flutist

Keep the coffee ground and use it as scrub in the shower. You will be surprised how nutritious and soothing it is for your skin while peeling off the dead skin. It leaves your skin well nourished with a protective layer. You will see why you need those fatty parts to protect the inside of your stomach as well.

Coffee makes you also feel fatigue and pain much less and boosts your mood. So be sure to never exaggerate and do stretching and muscle training as well.

You can catch up on that

===> clicking here for the muscle training

===>and here for classic stretching exercises.

4. Red meat

It will stay in your stomach for an average of three days, so you can see why that wouldn’t be a good idea. Much of your energy will be used to digest and divert oxygen from your brain to your stomach. Just make sure you get enough iron supply (Spinach and lentils), proteins (fish, poultry, eggs) and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts).


Staying healthy and strong as a flutist

foods to avoid for a flat stomach and as a flutist

flutist JTH

To clear this again, I am not a doctor, just a musician with a lot of funny, embarrassing or helpful experience. I figured out what works best for me and hope it can be of value for you.

Not only eating healthy and well, but also sleeping enough is very important. It might not seem so in the beginning, but in the long run, you will be thankful for every minute you slept. To get more insight on that, you can read my article about sleep impacts on performance clicking here.

Be sure to take some time off and have a nice long walk. Concentrate on your breathing and the sound of nature if you can.

Listen to music, be curious, smile a lot and laugh whenever you can. It boosts your immune system and trains your respiratory muscles. Be nice to your colleagues and bond with them. This is all very important to stay healthy and at the top of your skills.

Be kind to yourself and everybody else.

A flat stomach is also the product of posture and muscles being flexible and trained. Especially hip flexor muscles are important for musicians. In particular flutists! Train them to be flexible and receive a boost of energy in return: —–> to your training.

A flutist’s menu – foods to avoid for a flat stomach – and as a flutist

Enough of the talking, essentially a flutist’s menu reflects the Healthy Eating Pyramid and with just some little adjustments this is our menu:

healthy food - musicians and all

As you can see, daily exercise is essential. We are not talking about studying the flute. Drink a lot of water and vegetables and fish are the foundations of a healthy diet.

Choose whole grains and healthy fats and oils. Vegetables and fruits are the basis of a fit and healthy person. Eat fruits before performing or studying and vegetables after.

A glass of wine or beer is also included. Just let us not exaggerate! For energy nuts and seeds are the best and fish, poultry and eggs are best consumed after a performance or long before.

Happy flute meals,


founder of

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6 thoughts on “foods to avoid for a flat stomach – and as a flutist”

  1. I’m in big trouble because I love cheese. I like Carb Master milk. It has less sugar. I did cut out sugars and grains a little over a year ago.

    I’ve never thought of using coffee grounds as a scrub. My mom used to put coffee grounds in her house plants. I can’t remember what for, just that the plants like them.

    • Hi Karen, thank you for commenting and sharing your experience!! Coffee grounds is very nutritious also for plants, that is true!!
      You seem to be living a healthy life already,
      Best wishes,

  2. Hi Janie, I was interested to see all the different dietary don´t so as to maintain a flat stomach. Do Flautist have any time for exercise, if so an Ab wheel could be really beneficial.

    • Thanks, Alan. I guess it could. But we flutists try to remain flexible rather than just strong so we do not train only our abbs. We train the whole respiratory muscle apparatus down to the pelvic zone. I have some articles on that too. But to play at the best of our skills we need to eat well and it coincides with keeping a flat belly. We do not want useless fat or air around or in our belly as we need all the space we can get for the lungs and the muscles to move.
      Hope this clears up a little the confusion caused by the article.
      Let us know,

  3. Dear, I am male my age is 54 years my problem is while playing flute after half an hour I got weakness, palm and feet got cramping pl. Tell me how to overwhelm this so that I can play flute for much time with out weakness pl. Reply

    • Hi, thank you for contacting us. I am not a doctor, but it seems that your posture is not serving you well. You are still young and should be able to play without cramping for 30 minutes a least. Please check your shoulder and spine position. Put your right food slightly behind the position of the left foot as to create some space for arms and the flute to move freely. Pay attention to any tension while you play and notice the discomfort. Try to relax in those spots and all that is connected to it. Especially the shoulders. Try to relax your elbows and do not keep them too far up. Also try to take the flute in a natural way, and keep your hands most naturally as possible. As for food you could try to include more magnesium in whole grain, bananas, water. Drink a lot and do frequent rests. Do not play 30 minutes straight. Take a few breaks and do some stretching. There are articles on that as well. If you feel you are out of contact with your body while playing and realize you are sore only afterwards, you could try some meditation before playing as it helps to reconnect and feel. Do frequent breathing exercises too. Our posture, gesture, performance and awareness all depend on how we breathe. You can find articles on that as well on our website. I hope to have helped you at least a little bit and pointed out some possible solutions. But if pain persists, please see a doctor! Happy flute life with topflute


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