Coffee and Stress – coming down after a concert

Coffee and stress

Adrenalin pumping, hawk eyes on the conductor, eagle eyes on the sheet music, neurons squeezing out memory from rehearsal, empty stomach, no sleep and lots of caffeine.

Coffee and stress is what broad us physically up that stage and so this is usually the physical situation of a concert.

coffee and stress

Some times we are blessed and enter a flow state where everything becomes easy, we don’t feel the sauna heat or north pole temperature, we become one with what we are doing. No thinking, just the moment, just the music, just the flow.

Any way it went, when it’s over, we have a problem! How do we come down from either state? Back to normal life and needs?


Another thing is the coming down frome coffee and stress after these events


Most of the times you go for dinner after the concert or rehearsal and that will get you to bed very late, because usually you will finish off with a nice drink somewhere and then head where you sleep or take a train and rest on the train.

I think you get where I’m going. This is fun once in a while and anti stress as well. Social relationships and time spend together is definitely also very valuable and will help your mood and health. BUT try to limit it, to find a compromise.

coffee and stress

Way to go – how to manage in the long run

Maybe two times you bring your own light dinner and eat it during breaks (you will be surprised how many will follow your healthy example) one of those two times you have a drink with the others and then head home, the other time you go straight home.

Every third time you stay for dinner and do the whole ritual!

It definitely improves your overall sleeping hours and still keeps you socially active. Furthermore, will it improve your health and fitness, if you do not eat big meals and drink a lot every time after a concert.

The next day you will be able to play, because we always do, we are trained to play in our sleep!! But you will feel your neurons trying to keep each other awake and asking desperately for a break, or the magic word COFFEE!

Coffee and sleep

Coffee is a wonderful thing and it keeps your body alert, lessens pain and fatigue.

To some amount it can help prevent obstruction of blood flow. Also get it quicker to your brain, where the oxygen is needed. But your body can get used to it and react less all the time. I know many musicians, me included, who can just sleep off right after having a double espresso!


musicians never sleep

Well, who doesn’t love the coffee break in a practice or rehearsal session.

But it can also prevent our body from getting into the relaxed mood at night to go to sleep.

So caffeine can have an impact on our sleep if we drink much of it later in the day, if we are not yet used to it. Caffeine can do a better job if we do not abuse of it.


Real danger to sleep quality and health


In terms of sleep quality, however, what is actually much more dangerous are

nicotine and alcohol.

healthy flutist

Researchers found that coffee does not have so much effect on our sleeping patterns and sleep quality as we can often hear. As long as we do not drink tons of it in the evening. Which, unfortunately I do.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can enhance stress symptoms as well, so the dosage of caffeine or tea-caffeine is very much depending on your own psychological well-being. We should avoid cigarettes and alcohol before sleep (especially).

One important comment on the coffee is: don’t sweeten it (too much, at least). It’s the sugar that will have a more damaging effect on your health than the caffeine.

If you are interested in the best Italian coffee, how to make it and which one is the real deal,  click:

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Coffee and stress – what’s new?

Yeah, we know. It’s our life. So don’t come tell me it’s dangerous!!


Well, let us change what we can and add some good stuff : bananas, dark chocolate, lots of water, no sugar (as it will curve our attention further down than it has been in a short energy boost). And we can add to some level, dependent on our anxiety and stress state, black coffee and tea.

dark choclate If you want to read more about food that enhances performance, have a click ——> food for musicians.

Never miss a good sleep though! Follow the advice on my article ———> lack of sleep and impact on performance.

If there is no other option, you will have to cut down your concerts, gigs and teaching sessions, travels and tours. And where do I get the money from?


I have listed some ways for musicians to design their new life style and accomplish paid work from home.


If you are interested have a look at what I propose: ———–> life design for musicians


Stay healthy my flute friends, eat and sleep and be happy!!!



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8 thoughts on “Coffee and Stress – coming down after a concert”

  1. Hey Janie! I’m a musician and found your article on ‘foods for musicians’ super interesting! Thanks so much for this great article! Sam x

    • Thank you very much, Sam! I appreciate it and am happy to connect to a musician!! You are always welcome on my site and might find also other interesting articles. Grateful for your comment,

  2. That does ring bells indeed and I can relate to this so much!

    Music is not for early sleepers it seems and coffee, bad food and alcohol are all too often readily available and easy pickings… and besides being a musician, I am also a diabetic!

    So I do need to watch what I do and how I cope with late nights and the lure of seduction with regards to snacks… Goodness me 🙂

    Thanks for a great article Janie!

    • You are so very welcome, Tom. I have looked at your website and you have great insight into harmony theory and the piano. Definitely a must go to for any musician!!! Being a diabetic this life is even harder on you, I guess. I’d be interested to know how you cope with the stress and life style? I love chocolate, coffee and beer. Toooooo much.
      But that might be just me, 🤔

      • The only good way for me to handle stress is through meditation; every morning without fail. It is not always at the same time though… That depends when I was able to get to bed the night before 🙂


        • Hi Tom, thanks for sharing!! That is really the best way I know to cope with stress. You must be very disciplined. It is so much easier to sleep in and have a drink too much. But then with your health condition that wouldn’t even be possible. I admire you and hope you write about it in an article so I can let my readers know where to find inspiration for a good and healthy musician’s life.
          Cheers to you, my friend and colleague


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