As we said earlier in our article about story creation, the personal brand is a very powerful tool of content marketing and highly effective. So here we wish to give you an example of a personal brand.

In Example Personal brandthe earlier article which you can find here, we explain what it takes to produce and tell a story.

But we didn’t want it to become endless, so we decided to give an example of a personal brand in this second article.


Enjoy my own story, as an example to a personal brand which led to the creation of Duo Fantasie!

Example Personal Brand – Duo Fantasie Story

Flash forward to doubts and delays in the living of my dream

It is September 2017 and I am in a school building. A lot of noise around, from talking students and musical instruments playing. I don’t feel I belong, it is too noisy, too chaotic and I can’t seem to find a
proper teaching room. Everything echos when speaking, I do not wish to play or teach in rooms with the acoustics of bathrooms.

(in the middle of the struggle, before the catalyst moment, part before creating your personal brand)

Flash back to the double loss I had suffered, musically and family wise

And suddenly I was back in October 2012. Warm air is moving the leaves on the trees gently and the sun now and then comes through and caresses my face. But the surrounding people are wearing black and are not happy, some even crying. Together with my sister I am on a cemetery, it is our mothers funeral.

People keep their voices low. You can hear the leaves on the ground being moved by the wind. A weird feeling of a parallel world takes possession of me and my sister. The gravestone was just like we had imagined, her name, her smiling face and a flute attached to it.

We both still heard her voice saying funny things to us and laughing all together. So we smiled and one of us pronounced those words, so both of us started giggling. Not the best timing, at the funeral, they probably thought we were crazy. But we were dealing with saying good bye on our own terms, hearing her play the flute and laugh. There was plenty of time to miss and mourn her later on.

(my big loss as an example to a personal brand)

First steps on overcoming the loss – toward your personal brand

My way of honoring her was to play the flute again, I had studied it and graduated 3 years earlier, but her illness had taken away my hope and passion. I didn’t want to train and train, study and study, just to
live close to poverty. This is why I had decided to just continue the tourist guide thing I had done to pay for my studies. It was fun and paid well. But the price was giving up on my dream and on part of my

Now I felt the double loss, my mother was gone, my dream was gone and what I was doing felt senseless. So I started playing on a professional basis again. Furthermore, I went back to the Conservatory and took a Master in teaching and another in performing.

How I got from the loss to a state of trying and doubt

First transition in my example of the creation of a personal brand: Whenever I played, the academic world said it was too much. Too personal, too free, too me. I thought then it was a negative thing then and tried desperately to fit in. Which I eventually did.

I had won a teaching position for life in a musical high school after trying for three years. But now this big dream all of a sudden seemed worthless and ridiculous. The first colleagues I met were not very
interested in teaching music, much more in gaining power in the city and the school. A deep fear of having failed my dream again overcame me.

Even the orchestral position connected to the position was eventually part of a provincial power game that had little to do with offering music to the public and much more with gaining influence. I told myself that I was exaggerating and should be happy and thankful. This was my dream and
close to the sea as well.

But was it?

So full of doubts I went to school every day, trying to teach passionately and with good practice. But every day, I was interrupted by mediocre power games that too often used an overwhelming amount of
bureaucracy to stop. And all this while earning close to nothing. As a result, I felt like a missionary and tried to do my best. After all, I was in my trial year. My students saw it coming, they realized much sooner than me, that I was sadder every day, with less energy and less hope.

How was I going to teach and install hope in those young minds, when I couldn’t find a reason for that myself? In desperate attempts I drove them anywhere to play, even on the streets and organized concerts for them. Every time I encountered more bureaucratic burden to overcome to do just that.

But I stuck with the teachings of my mother and my passion for flute playing and teaching. The sound my mother was able to create on the flute was still unforgotten and even though she had died I could
still hear her. This guided and soothed my struggled mind.

(the doubts and delays are going to be overcome soon! Example personal brand final)

Catalyst meeting

Second transition in my example of a personal brand: Then, one of the talkative colleagues of mine started to continuosly interrupt my lessons (which I was wearing ear plugs to be able to do in
the facilities I was appointed…) At first, I was annoyed. I sent her away many times, even without a greeting or a smile. Luckily, she insisted. This little Latin Lady kept popping up, smiling and talking.

Always busy, but I couldn’t find out with what. In the end, she asked me to play with her. Her little brown fingers played the air all day long and I guessed it was piano that she was teaching.

Finally, I accepted.

And what a surprise! Her sounds fit with mine perfectly, timing, articulation, phrasing, dynamics, she followed every one of my impulses and developed my ideas.

It was fantastic! I felt free again, me, personal and understood.

Little bumps on the way to freedom – Example Personal Brand

I felt alive again and had hope.

We started to play together on a daily basis and found out that we loved the Italian Opera Repertoire and Chamber Music Works of Composers like Donizetti.

Many fantasies were written on lyric themes and arias, mainly in the same period as the Opera itself.

This is how we created our first concert “Concerto Italiano”.

It was an all Italian concert program, including fantasies on famous operas and intermezzos that we ourselves adapted for flute and piano.

Moreover, as a bis I wrote a medley of the most beautiful parts. It became a little concert piece in itself and a friend of ours directed the following beautiful video with sea view on Elba on its music.

It is supposed to evoke an ideal Italian saturday afternoon:



Of course, we heard comments like “Cuban and German” playing Italian music? Well, that was exactly so! We overheard them and listened to those who told us how they could not make out anymore which instrument the notes came from. We had really merged as a Duo. Adversities come and go, but we became friends.

Winning back your passion – little victories in my example personal brand

Moreover, I was able to win my passion and dream back. Still being part of the orchestra, but a
free musician now.

No bureaucracy holding me back, just me developing my talent and connecting with those who resonate and receive it as a gift.



Now, Monica and I have created many more concert programs speaking of
our identity and passion.

The Italiano Opera Trio Project for our love of Opera and friendship with the wonderful Roman Soprano Federica Raja.



Thus honoring the country we live in.

In addition, we created a Fantasy Program with Fantasies from different European Countries and composers. (Fauré, Doppler, Borne on Bizet, Taffanel on Weber, Galli on Verdi, Genin on Verdi…) to honor our personal brand name.

Most recently we decided to honor our own origins as well and created a
Hispanic Concert and a German Program.

Our different characters and cultures have caused more than one internal struggle, but the musical understanding and friendship, as well as being both foreigners in our country of choice, have brought us even closer together.

So now we celebrate our differences as strengths.

The Spanish medley speaks about colors, tasts, pride and the power of their combination.

The bis to “Alma Espanola” has been turned into a little video as well, by the same fantastic director, Alain Redaelli.

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We actually inspired

a composer to write a Double Concert flute piano and orchestra for us:

“Two souls”!

You can read more about it in the article about musicians during lock down.

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Stay safe and sound,



create your own story


Why would you want to create your own story as a musician? The answer is to sneak out under the oppression of the musical industry and stand out with the unique gift you have.

Why would you need to create your own story

Telling your story makes you relatable and audiences just love the personal connection to you and your music

create your own story

Creating your story brand is called content marketing in today’s world as opposed to self advertisement. It is actually 62% cheaper and three times faster than promotional campaigns and advertising.

Furthermore, it doesn’t consist in advertising a list of your achievements, but rather focuses on personal and individual traits that people can resonate with. Relating to you and your story will help them see their own story and give them hope.

So let’s have a look at this vital element marketing your talent: Create your own story and tell it effectively. Learn how to do that in a charismatic, artistic and effortless way while becoming more clear about why you do what you do and why you should do even more of it!

What are the attributes of a good story

To create your own story effectively, let us have a look at the structure of great stories. They all have similar elements from ancient Greek Tragedy to Opera and Hollywood movies. Our brains are just wired to be receptive to its characteristics.

They usually consist of three parts, acts or episodes ending in victory or tragedy. Of course, we are interested in victory!

Furthermore, they might have an introduction and passages linking those building stones or commenting on them. But the basic structure does not change:


We start with a huge loss, an accident, a dramatic situation with an important impact. This leads us to doubt and struggle, delaying the good parts in our lives or even nearly blocking them completely.

In our case, the good outcome that was hindered, is our dream of living from our musical talent. We are protagonists in the story and meet pretty soon our antagonist(s), someone or something working against us.

Fortunately, there also is a friend, sage or positive influence keeping us and our dream alive. You will be surprised how many people can resonate with this.

Wait, this is not the end! – create your own story effectively

Luckily something positive happens, we meet someone, read a book, hear something on the radio, anything that catalyses good momentum and helps us reach up. Obviously, there are still going to be struggles, but our doubts subside and we feel hope again. We might be ridiculed or rejected, but they are moments that we know now that we can overcome. Our catalyst moment has given us the belief and energy to rise above those limitations, the inspiration to effective action and life change.

This is what most people are still waiting for. Hearing about your little victories to overcome the adversities installs new hope in them. Now they not only know what happened to you, but now they see themselves in you. Many of the things have happened to them too. This is a human. They will feel hopeful. If you can do it, they can do it too!

This is where your gift and talent becomes relevant to them. Most of them are in act two and are close to giving up. So they need a leader. It is not about you, but about them!

You do not need to have achieved the big end victory, it is enough to be currently living act three to inspire your audience.

Find out more how to build your story and be guided through it step by step on the Professional ARTIST Pathway.

If you wish to read an example story, please refer to the following article ——->


How to tell your story effectively

Appealing and educational story telling

Some storytelling fundamentals to create more and better stories with less effort. Actually telling a good story is natural to you! So it won’t be hard to implement the following:


Visualize your story and walk your audience through it. Let those visions come to life by giving details.

stage spacesI used to be a tour guide to be able to pay for my education and that helped a lot. I learned that your personal connection to the topic makes it more interesting. Often the tourists remembered my passion and that they would feel passionate too, but forgot some dry facts. They remember the feeling of living through certain stories with detailed descriptions of where and when. If you describe the main characters of your story with more detail, not exhaustively, but some gesture or trait that might have a strong emotional connotation. Just visualize those characters and pick the first thing that sticks out in your memory. Use fewer words, but describe and imitate gestures or actions.

Another good idea:

Using dialogues
by playing them out is also a very powerful tool in story telling. This way you can walk them through and they can build their own connection. This will lead them to relate to your personal events, as if they were their own and your bond is created. To strengthen it, use descriptions of all the senses, by telling how something smelled, what it sounded like and so on. In the musical environment it might be especially important to say how things sounded to you.

Finally, but not least, you are used to being on stage. You know that there are different spaces on stage for performing and talking and you should make use of them. A spacial description of the chronological order, like standing further to their left for older events, might also help you to catch their attention and keep it.

“Let me take you on a journey….” This is how you might begin.
Go back to a specific date and describe your visualization.


You walk to the story space and into the past section of the stage.

Use your stage experience, and all its spaces. You can do the same on video. Make sure whether you have the mirror function on to know which side to step to on your imaginary timeline.

For more in depth information see the free webinar Professional ARTIST Pathway.


Creation of your artistic story brand – create your own story



Do not reveal everything at once. Wait till later to create some suspense. It is a very powerful technique in story telling.

Step out of the millions and be unique! Think about who the actors in your story are and start writing it out.

Ask yourself these relevant questions: Who are the antagonists, what was the delay, what are and were the doubts. What did you do to get on top of it? Who helped you and could be described as the sage?

What is the catalyst moment in your life? A book, meeting a person? After deciding what to do, who ridiculed you, who made it all the way harder?

What were the obstacles, what were the victories? Maybe not big ones, but even small ones….every one has an Act 3!

You do not have to be way ahead of your audience, you can inspire them already with little jewels of small victories. You are on your way of living by sharing your musical talent with the world.


Start writing now, you can change it and improve it anytime you like.

Do you need help with the creation? Follow the free webinar of Dmitri Badiarov.


Also, read my example article here, it will give you more clarity as to how those aspects of a good story are woven together!

Start telling your story as soon as you can

You can always start telling your story, as long as you live, it evolves and you can share it step by step and inspire others to do the same. So you can slowly advance on your way to living your music life. Connect and inspire! This is the idea behind telling your story, not a list of achievements.

Make your music relevant to them by making it relevant to yourself. If you create your own story, you gain a lot of insight into your own life and understand why you do what you do.

This helps people to relate to your music as well. The time when it was enough to have played here and there and won a few prizes, “just” play flawlessly and disappear as a person behind the musician, the perfect performer, those times are becoming more and more extinct.

No reason to despair – the Professional Artist Pathway got you

In this century we want to know why we should listen to you. Why we would want to be part of one of your live performances, why it is so uplifting when we are offered the possibility to engage with your gift. It is not enough just to wonder about your perfection. Our human nature longs for a story, a loss, a struggle, a catalyst moment, more struggle and then victory.


We desperately want to live that through you.

So, get up and create your own story! Think of it when you play, tell it during your concerts or organization of masterclasses. Whatever you choose to do with your talent, tell people why. Let them know, that there is a way, for you and for them.

For you and for them

Thank you very much for reading this article. I hope you found some interesting insights and new ideas.

If you found any value in this article, please leave a comment below and like our YouTube videos!

And do not forget to watch the webinars of the Professional Artist Pathway!


For an example of how to create your own story, read my article on Duo Fantasie.

Best wishes for your success,



create your own story


The 21st century has given us something new and valuable, the broad use of the Internet and Social Media. But to stand out we need to create ourselves a brand, a story that makes us unique, with qualities and struggles. This is what I mean by Branding Yourself As A Musician.branding yourself in music

Fortunately, there are ways to learn that and not only survive, but thrive as musicians.

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to play what you want, when you want, where and with whom you want?

There is a way. And it starts with creating awareness that you exist.


Branding yourself as a Musician

This also takes some work on yourself and before others can become aware of your existence, you need to become aware of what you can offer. There is a Pathway to understanding and doing that right, which is taught in the Professional Artist Pathway.

It is so profound and helpful that I felt the need to write an article about the great teachings of Dmitri Badiarov, whom I thank for my financial independence as a classical musician. It is incredible what he overcame. But as many of you know, great suffering can bring forth great strengths and ideas. And above all the wish to help. We all know that many of us professional classical musicians in the old system, with agencies and managers, are condemned to a life close to the poverty line.

This is unbelievable, thinking of how much time, effort, life and money we invested in our training. But the training is still from the old music industry that crushes musicians. How to learn new skills to make all that you have learned and trained for worth it?

Join this free 90min online class and find out more. It will blow your mind!


Creating a tribe of followers using free social media tools

I learned how to tell my story, create my identity and tell the world about it. It is hard in the beginning, because somehow we feel like traitors to our classical profession. But we are not. Even more so, we can bring our music into today’s world! There is a place for just every one, because we are unique.

In addition to branding yourself as a musician, this is difficult as well to digest.

As classical musicians we are trained to fit in perfectly, to disconnect from anything personal and perform flawlessly. I am not saying this has no value nowadays. In fact, quite the opposite. But we can also bring to life the musician behind the musical performance. Start explaining our repertoire in a professional but also personal way. Add the personal touch and connection with the audience, that we tried to not engage in before.

But now we can, and we should! There is a wonderful course just to leave our comfort zone, play even better but also take your fate in your own handsbecome our own directors. I am still fascinated by it and deeply grateful to the Professional Artist Pathway.

It shows a bullet proof way to overcome the status quo of the financial music industry where musicians are the last to benefit.


Take your fate into your own hands

Not only by Branding Yourself As A Musician, but even more so, use that brand and deliver value of your teaching and playing to places you would have never imagined.

It is in your own hands. You can become part of the statistics

(The Strad, Musician’s Union) according to which

  • 65% of musicians are in depression,
  • 71% suffer from anxiety,
  • 60% not earn anywhere enough,
  • 60% consider giving up after 30 years in profession and
  • 48% are victims of abuse at the workplace

This seems like a huge problem in the industry to me. To me it is clear that I do not want to become a number in those stats but would rather put in some more work and learn new skills to be recognized for my musical talent.

The question is how? Join this free 36 min webinar to find out!


Become your own agent

This might seem scary. But it is actually freedom, musically and personally speaking. Wouldn’t you want to find out how that is possible and listen to someone who has done just that and helped so many of us to follow through?

And the question is, whom do you want to be? A musician recognized in the stats, or a musician recognized for your talent? create your own reality

When we are professionals in music, and we are kind of serious about music, we want to adapt to what’s happening in the world. Because if we don’t, we are then a bit like dinosaurs? But it does not have to be so. It’s just how they teach us at Conservatoires.

How Musicians, Instrument Makers & Teachers, Can Get Premium-Paying Audiences, Clients & Students WITHOUT Having To Leave Their House.


Join this free 90min web class to find out.

For more information about how to write your own story brand and why you should do that, read my article HERE.


Create your own musical reality

When you have created a tribe of interested followers, it is time to set up your musical life for success. In the Professional Artist Pathway you also learn how to create the life you want and produce concerts and masterclasses to provide for that life just in the amount you dream of. It is possible. But it needs a new mindset, a group of like-minded musicians to hold you accountable and for you to step out your comfort zone. It is not easy, but if I can do it, so can you!

Learn how to organize concerts, decide the programs, venues, colleagues and income. Be fascinated by having your talent finally recognized like you deserve it. You might just wish to help others as well and teach your very own practice method in masterclasses. Enough with the breadcrumbs!

Step up for yourself and live your dream-by branding yourself as a musician

It is a question of learning how to find an audience that values you and supports you. With the internet this is more than possible and you would be a foul not to learn how to connect to your tribe. It is out there, it just doesn’t know you exist.

Don’t be afraid, it has not so much to do with selling and everything with becoming a more complete musician connecting to the audience you can actually deliver value to that they will be thankful for.

You are welcome to join this free online masterclass and discover for yourself.

Join this free 36min online masterclass

And your life is about to change.

Don’t you want to feel excited about getting up, studying for your very own concert? Connecting to colleagues that you have always wanted to play with and creating your own audience?

I am, every day, and wish for nothing more than offering a guided step by step pathway to this extraordinary life of yours that you will unleash!

The stats are waiting…..



branding yourself as a musician

How to present a concert program

When we study in Conservatory, University or Music Schools we learn a lot about classical music. About phrasing, articulation, embellishments and the author and his time. We practice and practice and write a thesis for the ears of academics. What we don’t learn is how to present a concert program to an everyday audience.

how to present a concert programHow to choose a concert program

As long as we are not playing in period specific festivals, we can choose our program freely. It will have to be a compromise between rewarding and satisfying repertoire in line with our studies and years of practice, but also with the audience’s world.
There is a huge gap between everyday life’s music and so called classical music. This is actually not bad, it can bring us closer to the audience if we handle it well. This situation offers us the possibility to talk to the public and engage.

So we should chose a program with a story. A story we can tell. I usually prefer to have a first part with flute repertoire that is relevant to me and my life and a second part with music that the audience has most likely heard somewhere and can relate to.


How to present a concert program

At the very beginning of a concert, the audience expects professional distant behaviour and high level performance. So you How to choose a concert programdeliver. Play your first piece without much talking and make sure you are at your best.

Now that you have presented what they paid for, you can surprise them and allow them to also have a good time. I usually tell them about this first piece and why I chose it. Something very personal is best. You can then present the audience with some kind of struggle you had to overcome and introduce your second piece.

It will become like theater, in a good way. Your concert will have different acts and heroes, anti-heroes and a cathartic moment that will make the audience feel better with themselves. And at this point you can indulge with music that matters to them.

So the second piece can be dramatic, involving and a struggle. Then you can tell the audience how you managed to go on, why you chose the third composer and offer some insight into the music periods and how it relates to you. End with something soothing and light.

Now it is time to engage with music they know, like soundtracks from famous movies or transcriptions of famous songs. They already love it so you can feed them with some information they didn’t know about it. This makes it all the more interesting.


A recent example
of how to choose and present a concert program

We were asked to give a concert of film music, soundtracks and the like. So we did the opposite. We, that is my woodwind quintet, introduced the concert with something from our repertoire to satisfy our own taste and practice and also gave repertoire music as encores.

But in the end we had the same scheme. We presented us and our professional whereabouts and where we met. So people got a good idea of who they were listening to. The first piece in three movements was introduced after we had played it. So we got a good pause to catch breath and also the audience had time to wish for more. Then the fun part started, introducing all the different movies and their soundtracks and composers.

Quintet wrong instruments
There are 5 mistakes in this picture!

As we split the presentation spontaneously we also introduced one another as persons with flaws and all. We could see smiles and happy comments. Making fun of yourself in a professional way is totally engaging to the audience. When they here everyone talk, they listen with deeper intent to our musical voices and you can feel the participation rise immediately.

We also asked questions, whether they knew the movie, actor or composer. I outed myself as not much of an action movie fan. It was OK, because when you play you are professional and deliver high level performance. If you can be human and flawed at the same time, it brings you closer.

Try to speak to the audience as if they were friends. They are not the enemy, neither an exam jury. They are there to experience live music on a deeper level.


How we chose to present it

So we chose to set the level first, giving a high level performance of a repertoire piece and explain it very seriously afterwards. Then we smiled. ” But you came to listen to film music!” and let someone else explain.

And after that we started to make fun of us musicians, letting everyone speak, make mistakes and correct. Often the audience knows even better and when they can get involved they are more satisfied with the performance.

We also chose to add some more pieces not written in the program and let the audience guess. They paid more attention and talked to one another as well.

We can try that out immediately. Are you still with me? Which movie is the following soundtrack from?


It was recorded by a smartphone, front row, close to the clarinet. I mention this just to excuse us for the sound quality.

Here is another one, just to try you out!


Too close to us, so the timbres didn’t mix well and the acoustics did the rest.

If you are interested in sound editing, you can read more about it in my other article ——————-> here.

If you are ready I will present two other famous soundtracks here. Let’s see if you know which movies they were written for!





You will need a good friendly and functioning music group. The audience can feel and appreciate it.

Be sure to apply the general rules of making music together ———————-> click here to read more.

If you don’t have one already you can read another short article of mine about two ideas to create one—————–> here.

Whatever you choose, engage!

Whenever you deliver high quality but can close the gap to the public by becoming more human and friend like, you will earn great success. No need to distance yourself. Your music says it all, you are worth listening to. But if you can also add a story a brand in evolution to it all, you will be loved! Make your audience live through some real life experience with you and explain the choice of your program in a personal and informative way at the same time.

People wish to be taught without realizing it.

The more they feel you as a friend the more they will

Woodwind Quintet
The mistakes have been corrected

assimilate the information, because they can identify with your story and feel with you. We can only learn when we can relate. We will also listen in a much more profound and participating way, which makes it easier for the performer to communicate.

Have you ever experienced when you played and the audience was there with you? Every breath, every ritardando and rubato? When heartbeats align and brain frequencies add up and the whole room becomes one living creature? This is the experience we all long for.

Nowadays classical music has become too much of a niche and elite, it is not self explaining anymore. Help your audience come to you and meet them half-way.

If you know the matching movies to the soundtracks, please let me know in the comment section below!

You will be delivered a bonus question. Answering that one right as well, you will win the sheet music to our latest medley from Duo Fantasie, which I have personally written.

So don’t hesitate, try your fortune and knowledge!

Best wishes and luck,


flute hackswww.topflute.com



Best free audio editing software

If you have recorded anything and wish to do some editing so that it sounds more professional, you will be looking for the best free audio editing software.

best free audio editing softwareWhat is the best free audio editing software out there?

Maybe you are new to this and would also appreciate a community to answer your questions along the way of audio editing. So we are looking for free software that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and offers a forum.

Definitely winner is audacity. You can download it from the following link and it is a free version:


This tool is especially useful if you need to do one of the following things:

  • removing a section of audio
  • adding royalty-free music tracks underneath
  • save your work in MP3 ( plug-in the free add-on)
  • get consistent audio levels
  • distribute your work


How to create audio products

Talking about interviews and recording them, Skype is a fantastic version.

You could add Blue Snowball USB microphone or best free audio recording micssound quality and use audacity to get all voices and sounds to the same level. There are several free recording software products one can use, for example ifree-recorder.

But this is only for PC. If you use a MAC, eventually you have to pay, but there is a free trial available for eCamm Call Recorder For Skype.

Speaking about musical products, you can use your smartphone or iPhone, as long as you add a valuable microphone.


Some good option for any kind of recording is the zoom recorder

It is the number one recording device for musicians. Very handy and with 10 hours of battery freedom.

I personally use the H1 Zoom Handy Recorder, which has a mic design that captures perfect stereo image.

Just check it out —————->>> HERE.

Moreover, it comes with free Cubase and Wavelab bundled software. So you can edit and master your recordings for free!

Zoom offers an accessory pack, that I also use and highly recommend. It is very cheap and makes a great difference! The H1 Accessory Pack APH-1 consists in windscreen, adjustable tripod stand, mic clip adapter, padded-shell case, AC adapter and USB cable. You can have a look at what that means ————–>>> HERE.

How to market and sell those products

As Zoom so beautifully says, the world needs creators, people willing to contribute something. Something original, inspiring and powerful.

So get your voice, your music, your ideas out there! What are you waiting for?

Oh right, a strategy. Now that we have created a product, we need to create awareness. Your surroundings and social media followers need to become aware that you exist. There is so many ways to do that for free.

topflute.comFirst thing is social media. Create your Instagram, twitter, pinterest, Facebook and linked in accounts. Use the same profile picture in all, so you will create a brand. Yes, your own face and story are a brand. Think about your story and start to broadcast it.

It needs several stages, like Greek tragedy. You start off all hopeful and naive (explain when and how), you follow teachings and start to wonder (still all positive, just less rose in color!).

Tragedy happens, either from the outside world or from your inside (traumatic experiences, love and family, or major doubt threatening your whole musical carrier).

Chapter three is all about redemption. You find your way and make it personal. People will be in awe that you didn’t stop and wish to bring them your music anyway.


You are not alone – Friends created a Launchpad

Start broadcasting your story. Videos, posts, pictures. Whatever you thing suits you. Engage with your audience on social media. Respond and befriend alike carriers and stories. You will find so much support, it will be incredible. Just be honest and true. The genuine you with your story and your music.

Very powerful are groups on social media, such as on Pinterest and Facebook. It could add 10k viewers to your audience. So try to make friends with well-established groups in your music niche.

myflutelife.comPictures, texts and audios are very welcome and help to engage, but eventually you will need videos. YouTube or Vimeo or both. To train yourself for that establish very short live broadcasts on Facebook. You can just say: Hi, I am …., a musician in ….., I would love to let you listen to the music I write/play….and you say why you love or write this music and play like 30sec.

That is enough. Doing that on a regular basis you create awareness and a fan club of people who wish you well and see and hear more of you.

That is the point where you go creating an email list. You can offer your recorded and edited piece in change for their email.

There are many free providers of these services and you should take advantage of that. Friends of mine are offering an e-book on the topic that covers everything, even creating video courses and masterclasses for free, selling and marketing them for free.

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There is amazing free stuff out there – best free audio editing software and more

So true, you need your budget to travel, live, breathe and create. You cannot afford to spend on marketing and selling.

Why would you? When there is so much amazing free stuff out there. Heidi and David have saved my life many times and finally made an e-book available on all the free tips and tricks of creating, marketing and selling your own digital products for free without spending a penny.

flyingflutist.comWell, David is European and Heidi from North America. Bringing together their knowledge has given us the perfect Digital Marketing Launchpad to work all over the world!

Be finally free and live your dream! Create, market and sell from where ever you are.

Just make sure that there is a story and value. Obviously you need to bring value to the world to receive value. But I guess that if you have read our article up to here you are more than ready to flood the world with your special gift which we more than welcome!

Shine bright, live light and care to share

Feel free!


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