The 21st century has given us something new and valuable, the broad use of the Internet and Social Media. But to stand out we need to create ourselves a brand, a story that makes us unique, with qualities and struggles. This is what I mean by Branding Yourself As A Musician.branding yourself in music

Fortunately, there are ways to learn that and not only survive, but thrive as musicians.

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to play what you want, when you want, where and with whom you want?

There is a way. And it starts with creating awareness that you exist.


Branding yourself as a Musician

This also takes some work on yourself and before others can become aware of your existence, you need to become aware of what you can offer. There is a Pathway to understanding and doing that right, which is taught in the Professional Artist Pathway.

It is so profound and helpful that I felt the need to write an article about the great teachings of Dmitri Badiarov, whom I thank for my financial independence as a classical musician. It is incredible what he overcame. But as many of you know, great suffering can bring forth great strengths and ideas. And above all the wish to help. We all know that many of us professional classical musicians in the old system, with agencies and managers, are condemned to a life close to the poverty line.

This is unbelievable, thinking of how much time, effort, life and money we invested in our training. But the training is still from the old music industry that crushes musicians. How to learn new skills to make all that you have learned and trained for worth it?

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Creating a tribe of followers using free social media tools

I learned how to tell my story, create my identity and tell the world about it. It is hard in the beginning, because somehow we feel like traitors to our classical profession. But we are not. Even more so, we can bring our music into today’s world! There is a place for just every one, because we are unique.

In addition to branding yourself as a musician, this is difficult as well to digest.

As classical musicians we are trained to fit in perfectly, to disconnect from anything personal and perform flawlessly. I am not saying this has no value nowadays. In fact, quite the opposite. But we can also bring to life the musician behind the musical performance. Start explaining our repertoire in a professional but also personal way. Add the personal touch and connection with the audience, that we tried to not engage in before.

But now we can, and we should! There is a wonderful course just to leave our comfort zone, play even better but also take your fate in your own handsbecome our own directors. I am still fascinated by it and deeply grateful to the Professional Artist Pathway.

It shows a bullet proof way to overcome the status quo of the financial music industry where musicians are the last to benefit.


Take your fate into your own hands

Not only by Branding Yourself As A Musician, but even more so, use that brand and deliver value of your teaching and playing to places you would have never imagined.

It is in your own hands. You can become part of the statistics

(The Strad, Musician’s Union) according to which

  • 65% of musicians are in depression,
  • 71% suffer from anxiety,
  • 60% not earn anywhere enough,
  • 60% consider giving up after 30 years in profession and
  • 48% are victims of abuse at the workplace

This seems like a huge problem in the industry to me. To me it is clear that I do not want to become a number in those stats but would rather put in some more work and learn new skills to be recognized for my musical talent.

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Become your own agent

This might seem scary. But it is actually freedom, musically and personally speaking. Wouldn’t you want to find out how that is possible and listen to someone who has done just that and helped so many of us to follow through?

And the question is, whom do you want to be? A musician recognized in the stats, or a musician recognized for your talent? create your own reality

When we are professionals in music, and we are kind of serious about music, we want to adapt to what’s happening in the world. Because if we don’t, we are then a bit like dinosaurs? But it does not have to be so. It’s just how they teach us at Conservatoires.

How Musicians, Instrument Makers & Teachers, Can Get Premium-Paying Audiences, Clients & Students WITHOUT Having To Leave Their House.


Join this free 90min web class to find out.

For more information about how to write your own story brand and why you should do that, read my article HERE.


Create your own musical reality

When you have created a tribe of interested followers, it is time to set up your musical life for success. In the Professional Artist Pathway you also learn how to create the life you want and produce concerts and masterclasses to provide for that life just in the amount you dream of. It is possible. But it needs a new mindset, a group of like-minded musicians to hold you accountable and for you to step out your comfort zone. It is not easy, but if I can do it, so can you!

Learn how to organize concerts, decide the programs, venues, colleagues and income. Be fascinated by having your talent finally recognized like you deserve it. You might just wish to help others as well and teach your very own practice method in masterclasses. Enough with the breadcrumbs!

Step up for yourself and live your dream-by branding yourself as a musician

It is a question of learning how to find an audience that values you and supports you. With the internet this is more than possible and you would be a foul not to learn how to connect to your tribe. It is out there, it just doesn’t know you exist.

Don’t be afraid, it has not so much to do with selling and everything with becoming a more complete musician connecting to the audience you can actually deliver value to that they will be thankful for.

You are welcome to join this free online masterclass and discover for yourself.

Join this free 36min online masterclass

And your life is about to change.

Don’t you want to feel excited about getting up, studying for your very own concert? Connecting to colleagues that you have always wanted to play with and creating your own audience?

I am, every day, and wish for nothing more than offering a guided step by step pathway to this extraordinary life of yours that you will unleash!

The stats are waiting…..


branding yourself as a musician

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  1. So true! It’s super important to brand yourself the way you want to be seen, and to tell your personal “brand” story to others. I used to play the flute and was really good at it, but never had the confidence to call myself a musician or to think that anyone would want to hear me play. I wish I had read this article back then!

    • Dear Rachel, it is never too late! Also, once you play it is part of your life. So to us you are a flutist, and we are very happy to welcome you on our website. Thank you for leaving a comment,

  2. Wow! nice piece of the article that gives the already falling musician strength to rise up again, I have just forwarded this article to a friend who has a passion for music but not making headway yet, am sure he is going to like it. Good job

    • Thank you and we hope we can help your friend out! Passion is what you need to make it through darker times, we hope to light that spark on our website. Thank you for sharing your comment. Best wishes, topflute

  3. I always thought the high depression and anxiety percentage is what made musicians dope! haha there’s definitely need to be something done about musicians being taking advantage of, i don’t like that due to the fact that most of my friends are musicians and they barley scrape by cash wise, i like the solution of your content for musicians. Will definitely be recommending professional artist pathway.

    • It is in fact unacceptable the way trained musicians are treated in the professional world. I hope that I can help as many musicians as possible to learn branding yourself as a musician and create their own reality. It is possible and there has never been a better time to become your own manager! Hope your friends can find good ideas and new energies to become their own agent. Best wishes, Janie

  4. Hi! Very good article.
    It was sad to read the statistics for the musicians. Thank god for the internet that you can brand yourself and that you have other options of making some income.

    • So true! Thanks to the ongoing development of technology and the social use of it, there actually is a way to achieve branding yourself as a musician and use the situation to create value for the musician and the audience. It takes some shifts in a classical musician’s mindset, but it can be done! Thank you for sharing, topflute

  5. An empowering story. Music and entertainment is priceless. It’s what enlightens everything around us. The statistics that you provided are awful. It is important that you continue to get this opportunity out to the entertainment world. The information you have provided, has been well provided and would encourage entertainers to follow through on this opportunity.

    • Thank you, Stephen! I surely hope to help many find their very own Professional Artist Pathway by learning about branding yourself as a musician. We need a new way for all those wonderful talents that are so important to be unleashed!
      Thanks for stepping by,


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