Following the  2 ways to create a music group here come the very fundamental and not to ever forget imperative 3 Rules about playing together in a music group.

3 rules about playing together in a music group






When you come together and play music there are

3 Rules about playing together in a music group

kind of unwritten but binding

Rule number 1

1. When you play in a group, it goes without saying that you have to listen to the others. No Prima Donna in chamber music!

Your playing is of service for the overall outcome which is so much more than just a few people coming together. When everyone is feeling the same energy and communicating it, magic starts to happen. It doesn’t matter anymore, whether you are the best there is on your instrument or not.

Whether a note cracked, no one cares, as long as your playing is communication and contribution.

This truly is what the audience perceives. When everyone with the same idea, being inspired and inspiring the others, when it is an ongoing give-and take, it becomes an art. The people who come to listen to concerts usually wait for that moment.

It will take them up and let them be. Feeling of beauty and freedom. The flow state or forever box, or being in the zone.

Whatever you call it. If there is more than one person feeling it, it gains so much momentum, it becomes irresistible.

Rule number 2

2. Be on time and be prepared. The rehearsal is not to study the parts. That should be done at home.

When playing together the rehearsal is not about your part. You should already know it and have also written on your music which instrument enters where and when you are accompanying or leading. This should already be very clear.

Because different ideas of the music have to come together, be experimented with and finally share one overall idea of the piece of music. That is why we rehearse.

Rule number 3

3. Be generous with compliments and only ever express positive constructive criticism. Even better when put into a question.

The best are the humblest of all and full with praise to others. Do not judge and always try to improve. You can learn from everyone. And they can learn from you. The group is so much more than a linear addition of people. A musical group is fire and can grow exponentially!!


What if I want to play in a band?


3 rules about playin in a music groupLuckily, I have a dear friend who has written a perfect article about playing in a band.

My fortunate readers can thus look it up by following this link

——-> Aussiemuso in the music room.

The big difference is that you should express the general wish to play somewhere, but not ask the band of your choice.

Follow them, go to their concerts, compliment them and tell them you play too. If there is a possibility to play with them, they will ask you!

This can be a good way to enter existing chamber music groups and chamber orchestras as well.


3 Rules about playing together in a music group are simple

if you have those 5 things sorted out

Make sure you have 5 things in place –

if you want to create a music group that lasts or play in one

1. A music stand that is suitable for the situation.

To help you pick one, I have written this article —> portable music stands

2. Magnets and instrument holders are very important and professional looking too.

So be sure to check them out! Here is what I use —-> power magnets.

3. Be sure to bring enough food and water. You can’t be of help and a good colleague if you are starving or thirsty.

To enhance performance with the right food have a look here ——> food for musicians.

Rehearsing is energy costing and you will have to sleep enough to recover. Your brain will thank you for that!

Some ideas on how to do that ——-> sleep to enhance performance.

4. Have one spare instrument if yours is down for reparation or maintenance. It is very unprofessional to cancel a rehearsal because your instrument need a work over. For a cheap spare flute you can have a look here

——> flutes for beginners.

5. Don’t forget to protect your ears. They are your basic fundamental instrument to be a good musician and enjoy it.

So check out my advice on professional ear plugs as well! —–> ear plugs.


3 rules about playing together in a music group

Now, rules and unwritten laws, but above all,

have fun and share one of the most beautiful things in the world: MUSIC.





3 rules to play together in a music group



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  1. These are great and uplifting rules. Encouragement and readiness are givens, but sometimes we humans get a little slack in things and just expect others to deal with it. Thank you for these enlightening regulations of human modesty and professionalism!

    • Thank you very much for your appreciation! Glad you can relate. I hope this gives a good basis for starting a life long and satisfying habit of playing together.
      Grateful for your visit to my site and comment to this article.
      Best wishes,

    • Thank you so much for listening to us! That is our favorite project and we are currently working on new videos! Will let you know when it comes out 🙂
      All the best,

  2. Hi Janie, I feel like this should be put into a pdf and given to every professional musician on the planet because it holds so many crucial elements to being not just a great musician but a great person as well!

    You have constructed a fantastic guide to create foundations for strong musical relationships that everyone can partake in.

    When I watched some of your videos I couldn’t believe how beautifully talent you are wow! keep up the amazing work and I wish you all the very best for the future.

    Yours sincerely


    • Hi Will, thank you so much for your amazing comment! I’m so happy you appreciate my work and passion. If you were to play an instrument I would gladly have you in a music group as you seem to be an awesome person.
      Thank you for sharing your appreciation,
      hoping to stay in contact!
      Best wishes,

  3. Great article Janie! I like when you said “playing is of service for the overall outcome which is so much more than just a few people coming together.” That is so deep.

    I’ve always been of the opinion that an single instrument is nice, but putting multiple instruments together is beautiful when played as one accord.

    • Thank you for sharing your deep thoughts and understanding of musical expression. I’m sure you enjoy concerts very much and maybe can also sing? Honored to have you as an active visitor on my website!
      Best wishes,

  4. Hi, Janie. I am enjoying this website very much.

    I love what you’ve written about playing in a group. Spot on!!!

    My sister and I have performed as a duo since childhood. We are so one with each other and with the music, that one person commented it’s like one person playing a violin with eight strings! To this day, we breathe together naturally and communicate perfectly in ways that are not apparent to those watching. We don’t even have to look at each other! When we played in a quartet, the violist and cellist couldn’t understand what was going on! We had to make adjustments for them so that they wouldn’t feel on the outside. We made a point of communicating with plenty of direct eye contact and more obvious body movements, and then all went very well for the group.

    Just as you say, a very positive atmosphere is extremely important, so that the musicians can fully enjoy every moment and grow together through the experience. There is an intimacy to ensemble playing that must be lovingly cultivated in order for the music produced to be all it can be, and for it to reach and touch the audience in the deepest way.

    You play so beautifully, with a wonderful, warm tone. Your joy in playing in so apparent and makes it a joy to watch and listen to your performance!

    : )

    • Thank you so very much, Melanie. It is such a joy to read your comment, I can fell with you and your sister. Beautiful music comes from moments of communication and entering a speechless world where everything flows, frequencies, harmonics, pusations and ideas. Giving and taking in a natural and way, like waves. It creates magic and gives a magical experience not only to the players, but also to the audience.
      I love how you describe having to let the violist and cellist in. That is hard indeed! We had that recently with the soprano.
      It is a wonderful thing when the audience says that they don’t recognize anymore who played the notes, wich instrument they came from (flute ore piano) and that is such a touching experience. Then our soprano friend had to fit in and she said that it was hard, just like for your violist and cellist, I guess. But eventually we found our way too. We grew into something different, equally beautiful, but letting in a new vibe.
      Isn’t music just the most wonderful thing in the world? To me it is love and happiness, suffering and bonding. Couldn’t live without it anymore,
      Best wishes to your Duo and Quartet for a terrific musical 2020,


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