Life in the orchestraWhen I started playing the flute I loved when my teacher (my mother) played Duets with me. Moreover, she has shown me ways to create a music group I wish to share with you today.

Playing together however taught me so much more than I would have learned had she just explained it to me.

Making music together is fun and very educating.

And can become a profession!! So let us get to it



With whom should I play – 2 ways to create a music group

You can ask your teacher if anyone else has expressed the wish to gather and start a group. You should also look for local advertisement, there might be places like a Junior band or a Youth Orchestra. Look out for situations with other musicians your age and when you start to get to know them you can “ask them out” also for playing in smaller groups.

As an example, I myself enjoy a lot when we play with my woodwind quintet Kelder Club.

We are all first parts of an orchestra. Same level, same fun!

create a music group


Before you go out there and ask anyone to form a chamber music group, make sure of two things!


2 ways to start a chamber music group – create your group


Way 1 – preparing the grounds


  • Find some music that you absolutely love and get the sheet music for everyone. You can search for flute related music for free on flutetunes.com.

Always check out the offers on other sites as well, as flutetunes has no original music.

For one of the most complete sheet music selections

They often offer special discounts for famous editions and teacher discounts.

Furthermore, you can check out 8notes and musescore.

Get a YouTube recording of the piece and be sure to print the PDF sheet music for everyone.

  • Find a room where you can go and practice. Might be your music school, your home, garage or a friend’s place.

Make sure it has adequate acoustics and temperature and is easy to reach for all the future members.

  • Make a schedule of possible rehearsal times and think about a name of your project.


Way 2 – setting an inspiring goal


  • Look for a concert. Try to organize at least one concert, even for free for starters. A free concert is very good to invite friends and family, but also teachers and people who are further along the way than you. So you will receive reliable feedback and refine your project.


  • Write a project with a name and purpose (concert(s)), write an appealing concert program. It should be appealing to the audience and interesting repertoire for the musicians.


  • Submit the project to more places who might organize a concert.


If you have no idea where to start, here come some simple ways to get out there and let people gain awareness that you exist: Offer concerts in libraries, cultural associations, Uni 3, hospitals and retirement homes.

Furthermore, try  places where people gather to have a coffee. You can offer free concerts leaving your little project books with contact addresses on the fun with singers



Always record rehearsals and performances

You need to go social. So make very short videos of rehearsals and performances to invite people to like your group. 60seconds is enough!

Of course, after having created a Facebook page. No one goes without anymore! Schedule life sessions on your page and invite your friends to assist a small part of a rehearsal or a preparation of a concert!

Nothing is more interesting than the backstage!!! So don’t worry about playing perfectly. Be genuine and fun! Remember that you are broadcasting your passion, not doing an exam.

This will also boost the group’s self-esteem and help you get together even when it’s hard to find the time.

Some advice on how to do that: find out more —-> create your own website, free and easy.


Knowing how to create a music group you are now all set up for a successful experience in playing with others.

Likewise, from the start, you should prepare a good presentation that the audience can engage with and the whole group can share. Read my article on doing that here.

Even better if everyone in the group can add to it. On how to do that, have a look at my most recent article about presenting concerts and music groups   HERE!


Ways to maintain a music group

Let me know if you have questions on any of the ideas I have expressed and don’t forget to share this page on your social media. You might just find the right person to play with by sharing this post!!

There are certain rules to maintain when playing and working together and you should make sure that they are clear to every one in your group. Have a quick look at them ————-> here.

I have found my duo partner, a Cuban pianist! Creating music and programs together has become a lifestyle. We have our own brand and story, which you should create as well.

create a music groupCheck out our Facebook page on

Now, go and create your own life filled with beautiful music and wonderful people!

If you need more help, you can read my article on LIFE DESIGN FOR MUSICIANS.


Happy music making!



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    • I really would love to go to Sevilla! It’s not that far from my favourite southern coast. But it all depends on our overall situation.
      It would be nice to meet for sure! I could hear you play in real.
      All the best to you as well!

  1. Very informative and fun article thank you! My wife and sister both have been expressing interest in starting music groups lately. Although they play guitar instead of orchestral instruments I think the advice here is very good so I will send this to them thanks again.

    • Thank you very much, Randi! Appreciate you looking out for your family’s interests. If they have any questions they are very welcome to comment and ask. I will be more than happy to help them out!
      Best wishes,

    • Thank you Lily, we are happy you had fun and thought our ideas were valuable! Thanks for sharing your impressions,
      have fun with creating your music group!


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