Would you believe it? Only 14 days from a total beginner to playing an actual melody from Mozart’s Magic Flute! In addition, even while you travel the world’s most famous concert halls! Come and enjoy 14 days to the magic flute and learn how to play the flute in just 14 days.

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14 days to the magic flute – how to play the flute in 14 days

14 days to playing the fluteAre you tired of the same boring routine every day? Do you have a flute lying around somewhere in the house? Then this is the thing to do: Stand up and play!

Add some sparkle to those days and learn a new skill, how to play this beautiful instrument in just 14 days.

While not moving from your home you can travel the world with me and visit one famous concert hall after the other.

Every day is going to be exciting and different. In no time will you have the skills to play a famous melody of Mozart’s Singspiel “Die Zauberfloete”- Magic flute it is!!

All it will take of your time is just 5-20min a day!

Plus it is totally free of any charge. So no excuses, come on a journey with me.

Let’s get started and move to Berlin for

Day 1

of 14 days to the magic flute

In this video I will show you how to assemble and handle the flute. An overview of the keys and how to put the three pieces into the flute case. As a result, headjoint, body and footjoint will become familiar names to you, but best of all, I will show you all of this from my favorite Concert Hall, the Berlin Philharmonie. Have fun and start getting to know this beautiful instrument!

Day 2

of 14 days to the magic flute

In lesson 2 from 14 days to the Magic Flute, beginners will learn how to produce three sounds from the headjoint. Furthermore I am going to share with you everything to do and to avoid in the production of a good sound on the flute. But best of all, these teachings come to you from the Scala di Milano!

Day 3

of 14 days to the magic flute

This is for you if you are a total beginner and just starting out! Have you seen our first two lessons? You also need some fun and travel while learning how to play the flute? Well, today we are in the Carnegie Hall. Yesterday we were in Milan and the first day in Berlin. Why not come and join us on this journey to learn how to play the flute in 14 days!
Today I am going to show you how to tongue a sound on the flute and how tongueing in general works. We will not only play the headjoint, but put the whole flute together and play a B.
So bare with us, have some fun and learn how to play the flute in no time!


Day 4
of 14 days to the magic flute

In this lesson we are going to explore the right breathing technique for playing the flute. We use both chest and diaphragmatic breathing for the best result, more control and to avoid dizziness.

For follow up and more information please read topflute’s article about diaphragmatic breathing.

Furthermore watch this short video below and enjoy the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein!


Day 5
of 14 days to the magic flute

In this lesson you are going to learn the tongueing and fingering of your first 3 notes on the flute!

The beautiful concert hall that I am speaking to you from is no other than the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Enjoy your lesson and be sure to come back for lesson 6!

Day 6
of 14 days to the magic flute

Lesson 6 will show you notes and rests, so how to start and how to finish them. But today we will emphasize the right posture when playing and also the cleaning of the flute from the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
Moreover, today we prepare to play our first little piece tomorrow!



Day 7
of 14 days to the magic flute

Today we finally play an actual little piece of music and learn where to breathe in between notes and where to keep playing instead. Our venue for this one week accomplishment is no less than the fantastic Boston Symphony Hall with world class acoustics. It is actually listed in the National Register of Historic Places in the United States of America. So enjoy your first piece of flute music!


Day 8
of 14 days to the magic flute

In lesson 8 we discover slurs as opposite to tongueing the second note to the first. We will play in a precise tempo: 4 quarters and even slur all four quarters. A childrens’ song will be our goal for today: Mary’s Lamb. In addition we are learning all these new things directly from the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires!

Day 9
of 14 days to the magic flute

What a wonderful day it is! We will stay outside for our lesson and learn to read notes on the staff. Lesson 9 is about three new notes e f# and d, with fingering chart and staff.

We will be introducing faster notes than the fourths that we already know: eighths. And all of this in the wonderful climate of Tenerife Santa Cruz.

Lesson 9 b-d fingering and staff reading

Its famous Auditorio is said to remind one of the Sydney Opera House. What do you think?

Day 10
of 14 days to the magic flute

In the wonderful Bolshoi theatre you will be introduced into a Rossini Ouverture and be able to play the most famous excerpt from Guglielmo Tell!
Lesson 10 of the 14 days to the Magic Flute also features new duration and pauses: halfs and rests. You will learn to become faster with your tongueing in a playful way, without even knowing it! Even on the low notes. So join us and have fun!

Lesson 10 Guglielmo Tell excerpt


Day 11
of 14 days to the magic flute

Lesson 11 is coming to you directly from the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles!

It opened in 2003 and is the home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. The structure of the concert hall is a compromise between the arena seating configuration that we found on the first lesson in the Berlin Philharmonie and the classical shoebox design like in the Boston Symphony Hall and the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. Fascinating choice and well worth the long period of adaptation for the Symphony Orchestra.

Today we introduce a new note, the c! We will read single eighths and eighths rests. Also you will understand the difference between slurs and ties and it will be like a piece of cake because we will learn those things with Elsa’s song from Frozen “Let it Go”. So have fun!

Lesson 11 c, ties, Let it Go


Day 12
of 14 days to the magic flute

Lesson 12 has been filmed in the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing! Not really, but it would have been nice… In this lesson in China we will start playing the first part of our final song, the aria of the bird catcher from the Magic Flute by Mozart.

To be able to do that we need to be able to play the d in the second octave of the flute as well. So you will learn this huge jump from the lower to the middle octave of the flute. It will be fun, because it is immediately introduced with the allegro dotted rhythm of Mozart’s song.

No worries, just playing and finding things out in the NCPA Beijing, China.

Lesson 12        d2, dotted notes, Birdcatcher Melody part 1


Day 13
of 14 days to the magic flute

Lesson 13 will introduce sixteenths, and not just one, but four of them in a row! You will learn how to slur them even to the next quarter to be able to play the bird catcher’s call. We will treat this as a game and just not yet read the notes written out. Have fun running up and down the G Major Scale in front of another famous scale: The cerimonial entrance of the Operà Garnier in Paris.

In its catacombs is where the novel of the Phantom of the Opera is set and it has later inspired the famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Day 14
of 14 days to the magic flute

Lesson 14 and we are home. Back in Berlin, where we started two weeks ago! I am speaking to you from my favourite concert hall in Berlin, the Konzerthaus Berlin.

Today you will be introduced to the concept of upbeat and downbeat and finally play the whole melody of the brid catcher song from the Magic Flute, a Singspiel by W. A. Mozart.

Lesson 14 sixteenths, upbeat, breathing, Mozart Magic Flute

14 days to the magic flute – how to play the flute in 14 days


So, it is true! It is only 14 days to playing the flute. Moreover, 14 days of fun and travel, excitement and news from famous conThanks for watching!cert halls. Why would anyone want to miss out on this?

Do you have any questions or comments? I will be more than happy to answer them from the comment section below. If you do not yet possess a flute, have a look at my recommendations for beginner flutes and textbooks.

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Thanks for reading and watching!


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    • Thank you so much Maggie, for your kind comment and interest! In time, if you like, you can come back to the article and study a few minutes every time. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, we will be more than happy to help you out.
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